I’m Convinced We’ll Have A Good Season – Milan Coach Leonardo

Milan coach Leonardo spoke about his team’s performance in last night’s Tim Trophy tournament.

It was another long night last night for Milanin the traditional Tim Trophy friendly tournament, in which they suffered defeats to both Inter and Juventus, adding two more losses to their collection in this torrid summer for them.

Nevertheless, coach Leonardo did see some improvements in his team.

“I saw a more organised Milan,” he told Mediaset, “we did well defensively against Inter, and lost the derby only because of a dead ball situation. Against Juve things didn’t go so well, but I was forced to make many changes. In this period we don’t have that many players available.

“However, it has nothing to do with the market: this is our basis and we’ll go on like this, even though we will have to make evaluations once the squad is complete.”

On Klaas Jan Huntelaar’s debut, he commented: “He had a good debut: he makes intelligent movements and needs to play. We are trying new things, the strikers are now the first defenders, and maybe they think more about maintaining their positions than being dangerous. But things will improve.

“I understand negative results spark debate, but I’m convinced we’ll have a good season.”


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