The symbol of new era in Milan, Thiago Silva misses Kaka and Maldini

Ex-Fluminense defender of states that Ronaldinho has already assumed the role of team ace and discard the label of ‘new Maldini’

New season, new life in Milan. The red-black team starts the Championship this Saturday against Siena, outside the home without Kaka (at Real Madrid) and Paolo Maldini (retired), more recent idols of the club. By Thiago Silva, who came to the club last year and only now may be part official, the two misses. The ex-tricolor eventually becoming a symbol of new era of the team, trained by Leonardo: is it a mission to replace Maldini in defense

The “Monster”, as nicknamed by fans of Fluminense, came to Milan in January and could not be entered in competitions because of the excess of the foreign team. After almost eight months only disputing friendly, Thiago recognizes that the team trained by Leonardo changed much without Maldini and particularly Kaká.

– He is a player of great strength, different mode of play of Ronaldinho. We will miss him up, the trips to the bottom of the field. Our way of playing has changed completely without Kaka and Ronaldinho to the permanence of which is to put the attackers in the face of goal. But we link to a great season – said the defender, by telephone from Milan, rejecting the label ‘new Maldini’ that won when it was presented:

– There is pressure, it came in his place. But this is not the “new Maldini.” Thiago am, I am here to do my best, as did the Fluminense. In the last season I tried watching it a lot to learn and he talked with me very well. It is a great professional and a great person.

For ex-tricolor, Ronaldinho Gaucho arises naturally as the new leadership team, alongside experienced Pirlo and Gattuso and the young Alexandre Pato, bet the club to be the idol of the future. Thiago think the former gremista already assumed the role of ace of Milan in 2009/2010 after a first season without gloss ..

– For all who won, Ronaldinho is a reference in time. He, Pato, Gattuso and Pirlo are our key players today. I’m sure that Ronaldinho will return to play their best football for what it has done in pre-season and in training. He can help us greatly, especially on balls that puts the attackers in the face of goal – he said.

The pre-season was not the best for Milan. In nine matches, only one victory in 90 minutes, four draws and four losses, and losses to Inter and Juventus in a tournament of games of 45 minutes. The defender blames the over-tired and broken by the bad performance.

– The team is being formed, if the link each day. The pre-season does not say much, because often play in a few days. The fatigue was great. Soon after the departure, we had to travel to play again. It was complicated. Now we’re working really, a week full. We will be better against Siena and the trend is not improving – examined.

In the last friendly, 1 to 1 tie with Juventus on penalties and victory, ensuring the victory of the Berlusconi Trophy. Even without a tournament official, the cup filled the Milan confidence.

– This gave us moral. We need this victory, against a great team. That is what we needed. Let’s start the season well and after the integration we get flying – promised.


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