Ronaldinho ‘back’, and Milan won with two goals in the Duck’s debut

Like old times, former gremista has great performance and leads the team in red-black 2-1 on Siena with accurate passes and beautiful bike.

May still be too early to say that Ronaldinho Gaucho returned to good shape, but the Juventus ace made the difference and recalled the old times from Barcelona to Milan in the lead 2 to 1 victory over the Siena, outside the home for the first round the Championship. Former gremista shone with accurate passes in two goals by Alexandre Pato and almost scored a second golaço cycling time.

Without Kaka, negotiated with Real Madrid, the 80 shirt and has assumed the responsibility that you want to be the reference time, as the technician charged Leonardo and President Silvio Berlusconi. At the end of the match, Ronaldinho also called duck in a fight with Del Grosso, who pushed the former Colorado and started a confusion in the lawn, which ended without injury.

He and Duck were the names of the departure. Good dialogue, the Brazilians have the best moves of attack and the Milan players were the goals in the victory. The defender Thiago Silva, the retired substitute Paolo Maldini was also the team owner of Leonardo, the first official game of two by the club.

At 18 minutes, the first action of the “waiter” Ronaldinho. Jankulovski entered the left and played for the shirt 80, which returned to the first and left the side in the face of goal but the goalkeeper saved the Siena Curci.

Three minutes later, cries of goal. Canceled. Ronaldinho collected absence left the area and the ball went. The arbitrator was unable because Pato was unable to play and tried to head.

The goal really came out at 28. The shirt hit 80 beautiful pass to duck in a cool, running between the defense, enter the area and kick to make peace with 1 to 0. The defense of Milan bobeou to 33 and Ghezzal draw, drawing the goalkeeper Storari rebound within the small area.

The Rubro-Negro needed only two minutes to do the second after the interval. Again, with precious pass from Ronaldinho. The Brazilian ace Flamini found between three opponents in the 16 shirt and only had the job of rolling to mark the second duck and his departure in Milan: 2 to 1.

At 22, Ronaldinho had a chance to make a golaço. After crossing from the right, the ace risked a bicycle and the goalkeeper to put Siena escanteio. Seven minutes later, the former lack gremista collected close to the indent of Siena.

After the final whistle, Del Grosso became angry and tried to duck the fight with Brazil. Ronaldinho left in defense of a friend and was created confusion in the field. Gattuso, who had been replaced, also returned to the field to join the fight and the players left the pitch discussing, but not aggression. Until the fight, Ronaldinho and Pato have dialogue. Just missing the goal of the shirt 80.


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