Together in an interview, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo to Real discard rivalry

Portuguese also says that new time is not of ‘Galactic’. Brazilian shirt shows intimacy with 9 and called the friend of ‘Cris’.

Major contracts in the season of Real Madrid, Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo interview granted together the channel “Televisión Española” and discard any rivalry between them at the club. The Portuguese also said that the current time can not be called “Galactic”.

The Brazilian showed his intimacy with the sleeve 9 and called the friend of “crisis” during the interview:

– Want to make competition between me and Cris and that does not exist and will not exist during our time together here at Real – Kaka said.

– The age of Galactic already ended. It was a time for everything that I admire and that meant that the players had. Made history in this club. Now we are a new team with a new mentality and just want to win – 9 shirt said, recalling the first administration of Florentino Perez who contracted the ace Figo, Zidane, Ronaldo and Beckham.

Kaká made a point of saying that no jealousy between him and Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, which was confirmed by the Portuguese. In the interview, said the other one was the best player who has already faced.

– He wants to win and I also. We want to live and new objectives are prepared for that. We want to win everything – said Ronaldo.

– The big motivation is to win the Champions League. It would be fantastic to play end in Santiago Bernabeu – Kaka completed, since the decision of the tournament will be the stadium of Real, on May 22 of next year.


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