Milan’s Massimo Oddo Does Not Want Loan Option

The veteran would prefer to remain in Italy and sign a long-term contract rather than go abroad…

Milan defender Mssimo Oddo is putting his family ahead of his own personal and professional interests as he ponders his future in this final week of transfer market.

The Rossoneri’s coach, Leonardo, has already told the player that he is not part of his tactical plans.

But even though Oddo wants to move to a club that can guarantee him regular football, he has no intention of going abroad as was the case last year with Bayern Munich.

This is mainly due to the fact that he has two children to take care of and he believes that they would be impacted negatively with another cultural change at such a young age.

“I must also take care about my family’s interest,” explained the former Lazio player to Sky Sport.

“Going on loan abroad with small children to face a new culture is not the ideal situation. I have already gone through this with Bayern Munich.”

The 33-year-old full-back played a total of 35 Serie A games since joining Milan from Lazio in 2007.


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