Dida probably outside from contextual Champions

The name of Nelson Dida not appear in the list-Uefa that by next Tuesday, will be completed in the Champions League. The number one Brazilian, is not considered able and even enlisted because, due to a heel summer and has since suffered to conditional, has never played a single game. The deci sion not to enroll in the list-Cup, combined with the hiring of Flavio Roma but after the termination of the contract Kalac, however, may be on the future possibility of Brazilian goalkeeper. As Kalac, ritrovatosi irrime enviable to fourth place in the rating milanista earlier this season, has agreed to the proposal of American workers AC Milan rescission of the contract (expires 2010), Dida could also reflect on que possibility is now the next 36 years. Otherwise, the Rossoneri’s shirt in his last year (to 400,000 euros net per month you) could be spent relentlessly in the gallery. Meanwhile, Milan are already developing the strategy to reach a vol ta for all, no cagliari Marchetti prose Sima summer. The goalkeeper is intended to capture the legacy of race Abiatti tricked.


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