Milan: Huntelaar Is There But Not Seen

He must be the man of providence, was the pawn in the long-awaited technical and fans, the dream of a summer long and difficult. The news of the disqualification to the first day had been experienced by the galaxy Rossoneri as a hoax. Never mind, ‘will debut in the derby and perhaps will score well,’ they said among the fans. He had advanced more than un’autocandidatura and perhaps it was also believed to play: “It will be nice debut in the derby, I’ll try to score goals, Inter have already done.”
But now, three days after Supersfida the use of Klaas-Jan Huntelaar at least the beginning seems unlikely.

Milan Berlusconi in his ideal does not mention this either. Leonardo is willing to repeat the attack which did well at Siena, Borriello then, that should win the runoff election with Inzaghi. In all this the Dutch will snap to the bench. It will be a Van Basten, Kluivert, or perhaps another? Early to tell. Certainly there are goals, many, scored on his resume, but most of all workouts, few, that since 6 August, the day the start of the new venture, to date the attacker was able to support at Milanello. For now the excuses are many, including the importance of the game, for now the only presence at the Trofeo Berlusconi, has been very encouraging. Huntelaar is there, but for now not seen.


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