The Second Derby For Kaka’

It’s still heard from some species ex, after 95 goals scored by Milan shirt, that all or most believed would never be taken away. Kaka now speaks Galactica, perhaps with AC Milan in the heart, for six years as a protagonist and the undisputed darling of a family, do not forget easily. Two days after the derby, the former 22 has released a lengthy interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport. We suggest the most interesting.

– Milan is not so good. The preseason has gone very badly.
Yes, but the first major release I’ve seen them well. They are strong and will fight for the Scudetto. I’m happy for Dinho, who is returning to good levels, and also for Pato and Leo. Exciting It has been, then, revise Sandro and Rino after accident: to have friends everywhere and I will be, I will cheer for them.

How you think Leonardo will coach?
I’m curious to know how it goes. I have lived so many moments with him and I do not know, for now, as will be training with him.
– How does it feel to see Borriello with number 22?
Already brought him to Genoa. I told him: “If you kept us so we could use the same shirt.” Seriously, I hope for luck.

– The pressures and responsibilities that will effect to Ronaldinho?
To do well, he charged that. I lived with him many stories, from the World Cup 2002, and I’ve always seen reacting to pressure. Dinho is in important moments ”
– If scores a goal with Milan celebrating?
I would not
– Who wins the Derby?
AC Milan, 2-0, on goals from Pato’s assist Dinho or maybe Thiago Silva, then doubling of Nesta, a goal like the one in Yokohama, when we became champions “


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