Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo began to write the name in the history of the Bernabeu

Real Madrid Museum attracts more than 600 thousand visitors per year. Club debut on Saturday against La Coruña in Spanish, at home.

Alone, Cristiano Ronaldo 85 thousand people took to the Bernabeu in his presentation. To see Kaka, 40 thousand fans came to the stadium. Together they won the Bernabeu Trophy with rout 4 to 0 over Rosenborg on Wednesday. On Saturday, the pair began their history in defending the Spanish League against Real Madrid La Coruna at home. The goal is to debunk the Barcelona’s Lionel Messi and, briefly, to mark the names of new galaxies in the museum club merengue, an almost obligatory stop for tourists in the Spanish capital and the final stage of the Champions League this year.

Madrid is famous for its art triangle formed by the Prado, the Thyssen-Bonemisza and Centro de Arte Reina Sofía But the ball lovers visiting the city have at their disposal the Real Madrid Museum, a veritable Louvre of good football . There now, only in 2008, over 600 thousand tourists. To get an idea, the same year, the Prado, the museum’s most visited country, got 978,064 people.

The club does not recognize the nationality of the visitors, but the guide Mónica Herrera explains that the most frequent are Hispanic-Americans.

– It’s amazing how many Mexicans and Argentines who visit the Santiago Bernabeu – account.

The visit begins with an overview of the stadium, which already had a capacity of more than one hundred thousand spectators, and today comprises 85 thousand. You can get very close to the lawn, one of the most perfect in the league. Because of the dry and cold winter, apply a combination of natural and artificial grass. Unlike Barcelona, which allows renting the stadium for games yet for the paltry sum of € 30 billion (about U.S. $ 81 thousand), the Real is quite jealous of carpet covering the field of the Bernabeu.

But even more impressive is the trophy room of the club, which has no less than 10 thousand pieces. The club stands with affection the first collection, won in 1908, when the champion was Real and the Spanish King Alfonso XIII granted final possession of the cup. There is also room for the more exotic, like the majestic Taça Cidade de Vigo, the Teresa Herrera trophy and Colombino.

When it comes to the room of the Champions League, French Patrick, who was seven when Zidane scored one of the most beautiful goals of all time, in the 2002 final against Bayer Leverkusen, does not stand up and ask your father to take a picture. No other club in world club can boast of having nine cups of Champions in his record. The dream now is to win in the tenth house.

Trata-se de um título que Ronaldo nunca conquistou pelo clube. Mas o Fenômeno tem um lugar de honra na sala dos Bola de Ouro do time, nove no total, sendo seis na era Fifa (Ronaldo duas vezes, Zidane, Figo, Owen e Cannavaro). The tour also allows to know a little about the history of the eternal president of the club. Bernabeu was responsible for the formation of one of the greatest teams in history, the European champion Real Madrid in the 50s. Until now Madrid are known as “Viking”, a nickname given by the British newspaper “The Times” when the meringues were walking in the Old World killing all that they saw ahead.

The tour of the Bernabeu is open every day of the year, minus Christmas and New Year, and guided visit costs 14 euros ($ 37) and tour, 22 euros ($ 58). For now, the presence of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo in the museum is limited to two full-sized reproductions for fans to take pictures with the virtual field background. But the merengue fans expect to see in the near future glories of ratratadas two aces in the galleries of the stadium.


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