Kaka: “I’m not jealous, I think there’s room for everyone”

Kaka spoke about his acclimation to Madrid and on his first weeks in the club in La Gazzetta dello Sport • The Brazilian justify not kiss the shield of Madrid.

Kaka is showing signs of not being forgotten or cut off from his former club AC Milan, club that is still very steep and ensures that no evil for having let him go to Real Madrid.

“In the beginning was not easy. But I’ve always tried to understand the reasons for my departure. We found the best solution for everyone. I feel no resentment at Milan.’m Fine here (in Madrid). It is a nice place, a great club . But at first it was strange, “Kaka said in an interview published by Italian sports daily La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Nobody could imagine what happened. The economic crisis, Milan out of Champions League for a year. Things change, but I’ve always been honest and I think the fans have understood. And here I am happy” said the Brazilian international.
Justifies kissing shield Madrid
Kaka says his life has never kissed a team jersey, except that of the ‘canarinha’, not to create controversy and that if Real Madrid had to throw a penalty against Milan, I yield to his teammate Cristiano Ronaldo For him not be a tasteful dish.

Not concerned about playing with so many stars
The Brazilian is hoping that the new Real Madrid play “positive spirit” to become a team that everyone loves, despite the misgivings which may generate the fact of having so many football stars, stars among those not afraid to play .
“Not for nothing the first time that’s happened to me. The Brazilian is full of stars, and when I arrived at Milan there was not much room for jokes. And I’m not jealous, I think there is room for everyone. I like being recognized for what I do on the field, not my image outside or the girls that I’m leaving, “said Kaka.
Laporta discredit criticism
The former Milan believe that Florentino Perez knows what it does to have carried out multi-plan transfers and discredits the criticisms of the Barcelona president Joan Laporta, on that same policy, then, says Kaka, Barcelona’s more money spent by the Swede Ibrahimovic zalata what Real Madrid paid for him.


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