Leo plays with the old Milan, “Kaka and Maldini tifano for me”

Leonardo is an open book, this time. We understand that sweaty hands, especially when they remind him that the only man to win the derby debut was in far Arrigo Sacchi ’87, 22 years earlier even. “You are dealing with so much confidence” is his marginal relief and even banal. We understand that the fly has a hunger for some “straight” right on the deployment of others. “I do not know how to play Inter, is unpredictable, has many possibilities, Sneijder has not been called” revealed that after having followed, minute by minute, the conference Mourinho on TV. He understands that he needs for affection, if committed in say I have received the phone call of encouragement from Kaka ( ‘star with great style), awaits the arrival of Maldini and in the locker room to complain of failure to timely landing of Ancelotti ( “do not have the right flight). Of course, in particular, that Leo is not one absolute security, even confesses to cultivate many doubts, but did not yield to any uncertainty. “Even listening to journalists, I put my ideas into question,” confessed that watching the quip is not mistaken for a blatant insecurity. He likes to go for a rookie whatever.
Certainly, on the eve of his first Milan derby on the bench, we understand that Leonardo was the most well-trained on the application pending, the suggestions of Berlusconi in training. Indeed, the subject is a river in flood Leonardo’s nerves, did not betray by tremors. “I and the president talk about everything. I see him very much present in the life of Milan, I asked myself, and it is very important for everyone, we need someone who dreams. He talks about training type: Dinho has already played in that role, as Seedorf and Pato. Certainly externally provides no embarrassment nor me, nor to the players who know the president, “the warranty. Which rests on a premise to keep in mind. “The pact between us, are very clear. Everyone knows everything. I have the information daily, “the clarification, indispensable to live without stress the challenging relationship with Mr Berlusconi.
We understand that Leonardo wants it to end like his first as a footballer, 2-2, with two stores, Milan reached the final Zanetti. “I had injured with Vicenza last week, I ended up in hospital for checks to the head, I never went to camp in shape and are the same,” the sweet memory of a career ago. Added to a challenge that seems to animate it, if things would eventually rape DNA Rossoneri betrayed far. “How Inter must learn to win playing badly,” Leo ventured that perhaps the occasion does not seem to follow the doctrine Berlusconi’s football, winning and convincing, as happened in the first Sacchi, how it happened, it was indeed a limit win just playing better than his rival, Carlo Ancelotti, for example.
On the other hand, Leonardo as well as an open book, is a sincere admirer of Mourinho and the extraordinary power of the Inter. For goodness sake, do not grow regrets or remorse over expenditure gay rival neroazzurro. “This is not the time of the requests, the market is closed, do not talk about more” corporate warning from convinced. “It is time rather to add to our enthusiasm for” his recipe that might try to dismantle the idea that is moving at Appian and not only, that is the extreme fragility defensive Milan concentrates on two passes, Zambrotta and Jankulovski to understand each other on the fly . “I do not think so,” objected Leonardo. We understand at last that Leonardo is looking for some more security, “I thought I could finish more than 5 from Inter but this is a marathon” and that the efforts made in the first night in Siena is not enough. “We need another” declared Leonardo. Milan a super. Who always thinks the budget as shown by the exit from the pink and Cardacio Viudez.


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