Kaka Admits That Real Madrid Has Yet To Find Balance

Time scares him during the victory by 3 to 2 on the La Coruña.

Kaka admitted after the victory over Real Madrid, La Coruna (3 to 2 on Saturday), in his first match in the Spanish league, the time has merengue “The balance and improve after the” anxiety “of debut.

– We must find a balance that will be crucial for the season. This day was important to win and start winning – guaranteed.

Asked about the time needed to achieve balance, Kaka avoided making predictions.

– It’s hard to talk about the time we need. The team will improve gradually. There was anxiety in the first game, we want to do different things, but the cast is very intelligent players that will improve fast – he added.

Kaka regretted not having taken advantage of the chances we had to score, but stressed, above all, to win 3 to 2 on the La Coruña.

– The important thing was to start winning. I had several opportunities to score, but I am relaxed because I know that the goals will come and the important thing is the victory – he said.

Kaka said the Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini led the team during the break, “because I saw errors. In corrected for improvements and has asked us to play more naturally,” he said.

The midfielder also complained of the heavy defeat of his former team, AC Milan against Inter, 4 to 0.

– It was a big surprise that nobody expected. I have great affection for Milan and I hope that, with Leonardo, the team can improve in the league, but not in the champions League – Kaka said, referring to the fact that Real and Milan are in the same group in the competition.


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