Gattuso: “Derby? My fault, I was ashamed to go out”

Gennaro Ivan Gattuso is told in an interview published in “Il Giornale”, in which they are evident at 360 ° and addresses the themes that emerged from the derby on Saturday night.

– Dear Gattuso, how are you?
“I am that I have to skip the call for the National and that I must be out for 15-20 days. At this point I hope to return with Marseille in the Champions League. I am that I went to the hospital and I have found the stretching of the ligaments in his left ankle. Here’s how I am. “

– It also finished in the hospital?
“Certainly, to understand what had happened to me. On the other hand, people know that if I end up on the floor, ball stops at San Siro, during a derby, not to make the scene. ”
– But the doctor has spoken of Milan understood immediately what it was, the seriousness of the accident?
“I had a showy bandage to his left ankle, seemed to have one white shoe, it was a joke.”
– But why then took a good 20 minutes before deciding to request the replacement?
“I was wrong, now I can tell, I have a hard head, I had to leave immediately. Before surrendering to pain and injury, I try to stay on the field, to resist. It seems a man’s behavior, not that I want to play the hero. It’s already happened, on the other hand. ”
– When, sorry, Gattuso?
“It happened in the championship last year. Do you remember Milan-Catania? I’m hurting at the end of the first half, it resists virtually all game and eventually discover that I had a knee ligament injury. All doctors that I visited gave me the same question: but how did you play half game in those conditions? “.
-We return to Derby after minute number 17, now of the accident, when he raised his hand and tried to leave, has not said anything to the bench?
“I felt Ambrosini, with a coded signal, to hasten the heating, because I was leaving, I could not anymore. Sull’infortunio had a weight well against the run-up from which Eto’o was born rigor.
– Knows Rino, who risked expulsion already then?
“I’ve read and heard I had to leave before the foul on Sneijder and this is the only consolation, if consolation we can talk after taking four” wigeon “from Inter.”
– We return to rigor would be Gattuso to curb the counterattack of Eto’o?
“I found me that way without thinking and I started trying to reach it. As can be seen well from the movie, I have reached, even before I moved, it’s my arm that gives him the damage and the fall. However, at the end of that shot, I felt a pain …».
– Why did not seek relief in that circumstance, perhaps stopping the game for the second time? There was a penalty to beat, maybe there was plenty of time to heat Ambrosini or Seedorf …
“Because I was ashamed to give up and thrown to the ground again. You know how I feel on this subject, I find it humiliating for a real man. ”
– The other question of a hundred guns is this: knowing of being reprimanded, because he made that second foul, useless, half the field, going to meet on Sneijder expulsion math?
“This is a question that can apply to anyone who is sitting in the stands with a bottle of mineral water in hand and has time to reflect, think, decide what is more useful. I do not. I was in a very different conditions. I had just gone out, I had taken the captain’s armband and holding in my hand because the change was not there, Seedorf it was lacing his shoes. TVs have even clocked the time when I was still on the sideline with the band in hand waiting for the return: 2 ½ minutes. In those conditions, returned a large race, it is difficult to assess the action more rational: it is the instinct that guides you. It led me to the wrong solution. ”

Meanwhile there was also exciting outcome for the derby against Inter and humiliating for Milan …
“Look we had prepared the right way, throughout the week. We knew that we were not to take goals, otherwise they would take over. Indeed in the first minutes we were very compact, very tight, especially in defense that was the most delicate. ”
– Many critics argue that Inter Milan have resisted until the time of his accident. Then it is as if he had sustained a hole on that side of midfield …
“I do not get flattered by such judgments. I am a practical person, I go to the point: we have lost. And I say that Inter at some point took a hammering in three-quarters where he won many balls put to a severe test the strength of the defense. ”
– Of course, AC Milan did not have even the smallest of the reactions …
“At that point, with the team in ten, and the result now fixed at 3 to 0, even Rambo would have done something. Pato was alone forward. ”
– Knows that Moratti claims that Inter in shooting stopped?


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