AC Milan Captain Ambrosini: Our Critics Will Motivate Us

Massimo Ambrosini - Audi Cup 2009 - AC Milan Training Session

Ambrosini has jumped in to rubbish claims that Milan are not performing well because of too many old players in the squad.

AC Milan midfielder Massimo Ambrosini has defended his side from claims that they are too old to win any trophies this season.

The Rossoneri have had a turbulent start to the new campaign. Highs have been reconciled with lows, and critics have thrown some daggers in the direction of the team’s players who are above 30 years of age.

Ambrosini believes such claims will only serve to spur the team onto greater things as he gives a certain response to the doubters who have raised their eyebrows.

“The murmurs are always caused by results and it’s normal that players of a certain age are blamed when things go wrong,” Ambrosini told the press.

“This is a stimulus for us. We do not feel old or finished and we have shown that this season.

“People used to say the same things about Juventus, but look how well they are doing. Ten years ago out players came under huge scrutiny, but then we went on to win everything.”


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