INTERVIEW: Marko Livaja Will Sign for Inter, Not Milan

In an exclusive interview between Martina and Hajduk’s forward Marko Livaja, Marko admitted that next season he is going to play for Inter…

A few days ago, I finally had the chance to meet the talented youngster and discuss different things with him, including his transfer to Italy. Although, it happened through Facebook – it wasn’t face-to-face meeting, but I’m happy that it even did happen’…

When I got a chance to chat with him, the first thing I noticed at him was that he was very sociable, honest and clever person and he wasn’t rude at all, instead he was very polite. So, I can say all the best about him as a person and also as a football player.

You can see it by yourself, too. You can do it by watching those amazing videos that he was on and you can even realize that he really is a very skillful player, a talent that nobody does ever had.

But unfortunately, this young talent will not become part of AC Milan pimavera (juniors), instead he will join Inter juniors, to help them and let the hopes ride of winning the “Primavera Scudetto” (which this year went in Milan hands).

“This year, I had many offers from different clubs – famous and even clubs – which aren’t popular, all over the world. There were just two offers (but from one country) that took my eyes away and these offers were sent from Italy fashion capital city Milan and from their famous clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan.”

“I must say that it was very hard to me to decide where I’m  going to play, because I had problems with the club and problems with my family, so I let them decide where am I going to play and they picked Inter. I’m deeply sorry that they didn’t pick AC Milan, because it was my favorite club and still is.” – added Marko.

Martina: “Is there anything that you would like to say to the Milan fans?”

Marko: “I want to give then an advice: Don’t be sorry that I did not come to Milan, be happy that there are many talents like me, who may one day wear the AC Milan jersey. “

In the end, I thanked him for having this conversation which was a great experience of mine. However, I feel sorry that Milan have missed their shot on this kind of talent, because I’m aware of the fact that he is a rare player…

Wearing the Inter jersey doesn’t mind me wishing you the best of luck, Marko. Good luck, Champ and may God let you become the greatest one day.

*Images have recently been updated!

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