Amantino Mancini Is Staying At Milan – Agent

Brazilian set for extended stay in red and black half of Milan…

Milan are likely to hold onto Amantino Mancini for another season on loan from Inter, claims the player’s agent Roberto Calenda.

Mancini joined the club on a loan deal in February until the end of the season, with the Rossoneri having the right to extend that agreement, as well as an option to buy into his contract.

Sceptics, including president Silvio Berlusconi, questioned the Brazilian’s arrival, but despite a regiment of opposition, Calenda is confident a Milan stay is the likeliest of solutions.

“Both Milan and Inter are great clubs, and Mancini is a big player,” the agent told

“In December the operation was done on a 99 per cent level, and if not 100 per cent, the player will stay at Milan.

“As for Berlusconi, everyone has their own ideas and thoughts. But we have to see whether his comments were true.

“Luck with injuries has not been on Mancini’s side, but when he has played he has done well.

“I think he can give Milan a big contribution because he is an important player.”


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