EXCLUSIVE: In An Interview Caroline Celico Talks About Her Life Alongside Kaka’ & About The Release Of Her First CD

‘I’m not jealous. I know he belongs to me”- stressed Caroline in an exclusive interview…

Dark corrective circles under the disguise reveal that Caroline Celico, 22 years, has slept for a little time. ”In the last two nights, I was sleeping only for three hours,”said on 4th Friday, in a coffee Itaim, in São Paulo. She kept the weary, but no evidence of concerns. Moreover, it was unlike. Caroline has worked in the week with three celebrations. The start of World Cup on Friday 11 that marks a milestone in history with her husband, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, Kaka, 28, Brazilian midfielder. ”It’s our third tournament together and each portrayed a phase in our relationship. We started dating in 2002, we planned to get married in 2006 and now we have a son,”she said.Luca completed two years on the eve of the Cup, on Thursday 10, and with his father on another continent, the Congratulations will be a meeting just for families.

The same night, she will make the third commemoration: the release of his first CD, Carol Celico, which will be available for free downloads on the site www.carolcelico.com. ”Always liked singing, but did it under the shower. That doesn’t mean that ‘the wife of Kaka will become a singer,’ I created this project to bring a positive message to people,” she said. The virtual CD will deliver 12 songs that talk about love and friendship. Among them, Very Light (Mesma Luz), in partnership with the singer Claudia Leitte, 29, and Gift of God (Presente de Deus), written by Kaka. Carol has set to music the wedding vows of her husband, whose lyrics say:”I looked for you at the altar of God / You have the hands of God.’ (‘Eu busquei você no altar de Deus/ Recebi você das mãos de Deus’).

The faith of each

At first glance, this CD seems omnipresent to God, Carol. Kaka ” and I followed what is written in the Bible, I am a pastor, but do not want to impose my religion on anyone,” she said. It exemplifies his creation. Carol is the daughter of businessman Celso Celico and Rosangela Lyra, the director of fashion house Dior in Brazil, a practicing Catholic who attends Mass every Sunday and participate in prayer groups. She respects and endorses my activity as a pastor. The important thing is to believe in God and the message of love, support,'” she said.

Carol was educated at St. Paul’s British School, studied at one of the best (and most expensive) colleges in the country and displays the biotype lean and slim high society girl. To complete the air of majesty, her husband “works” in a team called Real Madrid. ”In fact, we have no life of kings. We face problems like anyone else,” she added.

Scare for son
One occurred in early 2009. When passing a cream on the child, Carol felt a lump in his abdomen. It took the boy to doctors in Milan, where his family lived before Kaka was transferred to Madrid in the second half. Nothing was found. But” I’m a mother and I have feelings. I took the trip to Sao Paulo and took him to the pediatrician there. Luca had to be hospitalized and operated at the same time. Doctors removed a small tumor. ” Thank God it was benign. The surgery lasted little, but was the ending half an hour of my life” – she said in a thankful voice.

Carol also went for an adventure to generate Luca. ”I have polycystic ovaries and took seven months trying to conceive. Three times I lived through the disappointment of seeing my late period, imagine what would be the mother and, at the last minute, nothing. ”By a whisker, not aborted Luca by accident. He was taking treatment and my doctor prescribed a medicine for the period down. Until Kaka told me in a despair: ‘Do not take them! Throw them out now! You’re pregnant for three weeks. ” It was one of the biggest thrills of my life.”

Football, forbidden subject
Champagne-soaked nights in Madrid, one of the hottest cities in Europe? ”People think life is like a football player. But ours is nothing glamorous.”Kaka and Carol rarely leave the Spanish capital and the most fun of the couple’s constant watch American sitcoms on TV. We love” 24 Hours , and Lost. I have not seen the last chapter because it is Kaka who often download the episodes.”

Football is a taboo subject at home. ”Is it a tactic not to stress.”Since the beginning of relationship, Carol lives with her husband’s absence. ”He spends between two and four days off. I got used to it.” She says she takes the situation calmly and tells some funny episodes. ”When the father is not around, Luca points everywhere: on the grass, the ball on TV. These days, we went to the market, he saw a Gatorade (the player’s poster boy of the product) and said aloud: ‘Daddy, Daddy’. I replied: ‘It’s Dad and yes we will take him home”’ he recalled, good-humored. Married to the most beautiful player of the selection, it ensures not feel threatened. ”I do not remember any episode that bothered me. There is an idea of the ‘maria shoe’, but also has megan executive, ‘the’ maria doctor ‘. ”E, complete with a confident smile: ”I never had any jealousy. I know Kaka is mine.”

Caroline also completed her first CD, which will have nine new recordings of gospel songs. “I’m also doing a DVD, but is still surprise,” she says, that there are about a year since she became a pastor at the evangelical church reborn.

There are nine recordings of gospel songs, two of her own (one for her son, Luca, 2, and another recorded with Claudia Leitte) and-surprise – a letter that she wrote for Kaka and set to music for the wedding ceremony them in 2005.

“I’m doing this CD to give it away. I will not sell it. I’ll put on a website, so that people can download all the music,” she ended.

So what are you waiting for? Visit Caroline’s Official Site and listen and later download all the songs! Anyway, you can find the site in my Blogroll or enter here: www.carolcelico.com !

15 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: In An Interview Caroline Celico Talks About Her Life Alongside Kaka’ & About The Release Of Her First CD

    • Hey Arbresha! 🙂
      Well, Yes, I do have a blog 🙂 And I also know that you are really into Kaka, the same goes for me 🙂
      He is an idol to all of us and will always stay that way!
      Anyway, thanks for the comment & best regards,


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  4. Dear Mr Leite and Mrs Leite (Celico)

    I am Bernice Lai Wing from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I would like to commend you (Kaká) for being inspirational to young and old alike. I would have so relished the idea of meeting both you and your wife during your stay in South Africa, but it I didn’t know where to start to make this possible. I am currently coaching u9 boys from disadvantaged backgrounds and would’ve loved them to meet you sir, especially because your faith seems so deep rooted in Christ. I would’ve loved them meet you for that reason only. Many of them unfortunately do not have the privilege of Godly teachings and/or lifestyles from their parents. It is unfortunate that Brazil were defeated by Holland, but that is the way the game goes I suppose. Once again, thank you for holding on Godly principles even though you have reached this level of fame! This is what our youth are lacking – role models that do not forsake God at the peak of their careers! Hopefully we would be able to meet you in person to share some of the lessons learnt on your journey. Thank You so much! God Bless!


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  6. hey hi carol, wow its great na both of us having same name carol. i m hoping gud 4 ur forward life, may god bless u and ur family bye


  7. Wow…awesome!I just visit ur web carol n heard ur music! And suddenly I cried when hear I need You song! Eventhough I dunno the meaning of language u sing but it touched my heart really, so I see the lyric in English and finally knew why I’m crying! thank you for your evangelical service, it;s blessing! GBU


  8. This is the best couple I ever seen. I like them Very much. Both of them got the exact life partner as it was required finally done. Best wishes to them from my heart.


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