World Cup 2010: Brazil’s Felipe Melo Slams Arjen Robben For Play-Acting, Kaka Frustrated With Quarter-Final Exit

Melo has also apologised to his countrymen, also Kaka’s career might be questioned…

Brazil midfielder Felipe Melo was in a bitter mood after the Selecao were knocked out of the World Cup by the Netherlands on Friday.

The five-time world champions came into their quarter-final clash with the Oranje as favourites and were 1-0 up at the break, but conceded twice in the second session to lose 2-1. Felipe Melo scored an own goal in the 53rd minute and got himself sent off 20 minutes later for a stamp on Dutch winger Arjen Robben.

Speaking to reporters in the post-match press conference, Melo explained the two goals.

“For the first goal, Julio [Cesar] was behind me and I don’t remember if the ball touched me or him, just the bad feeling of seeing it going in.

“For the second goal, we shouldn’t have allowed a short player like [Wesley] Sneijder to head the ball inside the box.”

However, the 27-year-old was not happy with his red card.

“It’s different to be sent-off for punching or spitting at someone than for a normal challenge. The challenge that Pepe made on me was much worse. This depends on the interpretation of the referee and I think he was too harsh. It’s tough now to call home and hear your son crying.

“Robben kept up playing. If I meant to hurt him, he would have left the pitch. I have enough strength to break his leg. Every time he was touched he would jump and roll over on the floor. I just wanted to get the ball and start our counter-attack.”

Melo then apologised to his fellow countrymen for the exit.

“It’s tough to believe that a group like this will not win the coveted title. Maybe this was the most united group that the Selecao has ever had. Everyone was focused on working with a lot of commitment.

“We had the opportunity in the first half to score two or three goals. I apologize to the Brazilian fans for the elimination. We wanted to be crowned champions. It was maybe the toughest year of my career, because at Juventus we did not reach our goals either.”

Midfielder Kaka too echoed Felipe Melo’s thoughts and sighed, “We are feeling this defeat very much. Nobody is feeling it more than the players. The World Cup is like that: great expectations are created.

“Now we have four years for another Cup. I don’t know what will happen then, I don’t know if I will be in another World Cup. I fought hard to be in this World Cup and I know that this has not been acknowledged.

“I wanted more and I wanted to fight for the sixth title. Several times, I thought I was not going to be in the World Cup because of my injury. But my team-mates gave me the strength and support to be here.

“I have a strong connection with the Selecao. This is by far my saddest moment in the Selecao. Four years from now is too far to start planning. This is a moment to reflect on things in my life and my career.

“I know the pain that the fans are feeling.”


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