Ronaldinho’s Milan To Gremio Move Becomes Stuck Over €8Million Pay Deal – Reports

Gremio admit landing Ronaldinho from Milan will be tough, but possible…

Gremio vice-president Antonio Vicente Martins is eager to land Ronaldinho from Milan, but has said the club will not be making a grandiose investment for him.

The 30-year-old is destined for a return to Brazil as the Rossoneri are in talks with his brother and agent Roberto De Assis to close down his relations at San Siro.

Gremio have been considered among the favourites to land ‘Dinho’s signature, but the official word from Brazil is that they will only get him if they can settle an affordable wage packet.

“We have to make an adequate proposal, and the people know it will be a complex transfer,” Martins told the press.

“Gremio directors don’t want to go beyond what we can afford, but we are not afraid and need to proceed with responsibility.

“It would be a great transfer for us if it happens, probably the greatest of this club’s history.”

Update 14:40CET

Reports from Brazil suggest the deal has come unstuck after Ronaldinho’s brother and agent Roberto De Assis said questions had come to the fore regarding financial implications.

“For Ronaldinho to leave someone will have to pay what Milan are asking,” he told Brazilian media. and Zero Hora are reporting the figure Milan are asking amounts to €8million. This sum includes Ronaldinho’s remaining salary until June 30, 2011 when his deal with the Rossoneri expires, as well as money which is owed to him by the club.

Gremio chief Paulo Odone suggested his club would be pulling out of a deal after learning of the obstacles surrounding Ronaldinho and Milan.

“It’s not my problem if the deal is pending on Milan,” he said.

It has been suggested the money Milan want is seen as a guarantee by the Italian club or a way of protecting themselves in a legal sense because Ronaldinho’s contract will be broken earlier than expected if he leaves in January.


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