Lock Me Up If I Blow Milan Chance – Antonio Cassano

Antonio Cassano believes he should be locked up if he ruins his Milan chances…

Antonio Cassano admits he should be “locked up in a mental home” if he blows his Milan chance this season.

The 28-year-old playmaker arrived from Sampdoria after he fell out with the club president Riccardo Garrone.

Some have viewed the move as a gamble from Milan, one Cassano hopes will pay the jackpot.

“If I do something wrong here then I should be locked up in a mental home,” Cassano told the press.

“I have made many mistakes, but I don’t regret them. But now I must change, I am forced to change. I want to win, and everything goes in the right way here.

“Plus, the fines here are very heavy.”

Milan are whipping Cassano into line with no excuses not to make an effort.

“I have never been a great worker in terms of physical effort, but seeing people like Alessandro Nesta, Rino Gattuso, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Clarence Seedorf working makes me think why shouldn’t I train like them? I am working like a dog, but I am happy.”


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