Milan CEO Adriano Galliani & Barbara Berlusconi Drop Kaka Hints

Both Galliani and “Lady B” have left the doors wide open for Kaka’s return…

Some important words have been said lately by the two Milan staff, Andiano Gallaini and the new ’employee’ Barbara Berlusconi, the daughter of Milan’s controversial president.

In an interview for Mediaset, Barbara reassured the fans that she and her family will continue to lead Milan, but if somehow they can’t deal with Silvio’s penalty, they will still love and respect the club. She also said that she wants to bring Milan on the top by adding some new stars in the squad.

It seems that only one name was flowing around in her mind, commonly known to her as “Cuore Rossonero”. It is the yet unforgotten and unhealed wound, Real Madrid’s Kaka. “The negotiations are very difficult, but I will do my best in order to finance his Milan return. We owe that to our fans, my father owes that.” – said Barbara.

Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani didn’t rule out Kaka return, as well. “It will be a complicated operation, but we’ll put efforts in it because Ricky will always be in our hearts. We have a very competitive squad, but if a chance in the end of the transfer window appears, we will take it, just like we always do.” – said Milan CEO on yesterday’s press conference.

And now, when the media present more than 20 possible signings, wishes and fantasies for Milan, they are working it out on a secret way. According to some Italian sources, Milan have already made a plan on how to bring Kaka back.

Milan made up a tactic, to wait and be patient until the end of the market, and that is when they will bring Kaka on a one-year loan deal, with a possibility to out-buy him in the near future – something we have already mentioned.


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