Milan Join Liverpool In €30 Million Race To Sign Brazil Wonderkid Lucas

Kenny Dalglish’s pursuit of Sao Paulo midfielder Lucas has hit a hitch today with news that Milan are making strides in their own attempt to land the 19 year-old.

According to a story on the talkSPORT website today, Milan’s technical director Areido Braida has made contact with the player’s agent Juan Figer.

Such movement has made it more likely that the starlet will be plying his trade next season at the San Siro rather than at Anfield, although the move would be a pricy one, with Lucas’ current employers rating him at around €30 million.

Despite his young age, the player has already made twenty appearances for the Brazilian senior side, having previously starred for the under-20s, suggesting that his talent would easily slot into the Premier League.

At the start of this year, Lucas was showered with praise by, the website writing: ‘Creative genius, flair and dribbling ability have established this attacking midfielder at the forefront of emerging Brazilian talent.”


4 responses to “Milan Join Liverpool In €30 Million Race To Sign Brazil Wonderkid Lucas

    • I’m not quite sure… I think he played well at the Copa America few months ago, even though as a late substitute I think he was much better than Ganso and Neymar together. I also doubt his European game, and hope that he may improve there, but I think he is just too young for a team like Milan. We can take El Shaarawy for an instance. Both quite resemble Kaka’s style of playing, but Stephan can hardly make it into the first team because of all the competition.. I think that if Lucas decides to follows his steps, the same thing will happen to him. However, I’m curious to see him play in Europe, too.


  1. Kaká played most of his career in Brazil under hard – and unfair – criticism. At that time he maturing physically and only played well in 2002. But he played really well almost the whole year.

    When he was promoted to the first team São Paulo was facing troubled times due to the lack of victories since the mid 90’s. And Kaká was the chosen one, someone who could change that situation.

    Lucas is facing a totally different reality. São Paulo lifted a lot of relevant trophies over the last five/six years and until now he is not under the same criticism Kaká was about 10 years ago.

    And even in this lighter situation he only shows glimpses of what Kaká showed in 02/03.

    Even though I consider Casemiro a lazy player who needs to decide where is his place on the pitch, under the right guidance he can develop into a fine, worldclass player. I doubt Lucas will reach that height.

    But we need to be patient about Lucas and Casemiro. In a near future both will play in Europe and we’ll have the answers.


    • Well yeah, you certainly remember that time and how what it then for Kaka and Sao Paulo. I was just a little girl back then 😀 It seems that Kaka has made it, he has managed to change his team’s downward situation. Speaking of Lucas, I agree with you. I don’t really understand what has happened with Sao Paolo… they used to be the national champions for the past 6-7 years, but now.. ? They have so many extraordinary talents and I don’t know what is the problem that they can’t make it on the top. Time will resolve every single doubt, whether Lucas & Casemiro will make it big in Europe or not 🙂


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