Cristiano Ronaldo Has Edge Over Lionel Messi – Real Madrid’s Kaka

Samba star Kaka believes Barcelona ace Lionel Messi is not as complete a player as his Real Madrid team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

Real Madrid star Kaka has explained that, in his opinion, club team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo is slightly ahead of Barcelona star Lionel Messi in the best player in the world stakes.

The debate over just who is better, the Portuguese or the Argentine, has gripped world football, with Ronaldo himself commenting recently that comparing the two is akin to comparing a Ferrari to a Porsche.

But for Kaka, one fact gives Ronaldo the edge – and that is that the former Manchester United forward can do everything well, making him a more complete player.

And the Brazilian midfielder has the benefit of seeing the 26-year-old every day in training.

“Leo and Cristiano are the two best players in the world, but in today’s football, Cristiano is the most complete player in the world”, said Kaka to Marca.

“He can use his left, his right, his head, he can shoot”, added the Brazilian.

“Messi is a genius, but Cristiano is more complete.”

He added: “Cristiano is the best player that I have played with. I have played against Zidane, but I did not play with him.

“Ronaldo is the best for his genius and his speed of thought. Ronaldinho is very close to that level.”


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