Embittered Silvio Berlusconi Would Be Happy To Become Milan President Again

Silvio Berlusconi, who finally resigned as the Prime Minister of Italy after being in power for two decades, has raised hopes of taking back reins of his beloved Milan.

Berlusconi resigned yesterday after politicians approved a package of tough economic reforms designed to protect the country and the eurozone from financial collapse.

He faced cheering crowds waving banners mocking his time in government and calling for him to face criminal charges, after which Berlusconi reportedly told friends he felt ’embittered’.

Berlusconi, who instead of tackling the spiralling crisis, had focused on his own ongoing court cases, with charges abuse of office and corruption, has now said that he intends ‘to take things easy’ and ‘would be happy to go back to the Football Club’.

“I seem to be pretty good at winning elections so I think I may stick around and help with any election campaign, but at the same time I would be very happy to go back and be the president of Milan,” the Daily Mail quoted Berlusconi, as saying.

According to the paper, the gaffe-prone politician, who previously boasted he was only prime minister ‘part-time’ because of his womanizing was seen by commentators as a liability to Italy’s recovery as it battles an enormous public debt of 1.9trillion Euros, and attempts to avoid a potentially disastrous bailout.

The colourful politician was eventually step down after his advisers pointed out the turmoil in the financial markets was now affecting his own estimated 5billion pounds fortune, with 400million pounds alone being wiped off the face of his Mediaset TV empire last week.


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