Milan Patron Berlusconi Wants Real Madrid’s Kaka To Return To Milan

According to the Sunday edition of the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, the Brazilian will leave Real Madrid and return to Milan either in January, either next season.

Real Madrid midfielder Kaka is again being linked with Milan.

The Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport claim the 2007 world player of the year would be signed along with the Argentine Carlos Tevez, who is almost certainly set to leave at Manchester City in the January transfer window.

Silvio Berlusconi is keen to celebrate his return as Milan president by announcing he will be bringing back Kaka.

The former Italian PM hopes to land former star and Manchester City’s striker Carlos Tevez in 2012.

Both players are on former Italian Prime Minister, Berlusconi’s wish list, who is set to return as the President of Milan in the next fortnight.


4 responses to “Milan Patron Berlusconi Wants Real Madrid’s Kaka To Return To Milan

    • Ughh.. if it turns out to be true, I promise I will find those people and stand them a drink or whatever they want 😀 Hopefully it is true. Just imagine the trio Ib(rahimovic)-Te(vez)-Ka(ka).. That will be the only way to stop Barcelona and win the CL again…


  1. Careful with some promises… 😛 I doubt Kaká will move back to Milan this winter, but in Italy to speculate about transfers is (almost) a national sport. On the other hand, the vice-director of La Gazzetta told to MilanNews this morning that he almost considers Tévez a rossonero. The deal is practically done.


    • Well yeah, you’ve got a point here. I also doubt that move, although I’d give everything just for Kaka to return. I don’t know.. maybe he won’t return this year or the next one, but I’m certain he will one day – when he realizes that there is no space for him in Madrid and that he can regain his form only in Milan.. I don’t think Kaka is that stupid, he just wants to give Mourinho second chance to play him in the first squad. There is something strange going on there.. I don’t understand how can Kaka’s injury be a slight one when he’s out of game for a month.. and it’s nothing serious?! I know he will return when he feels like.
      About Tevez – In my opinion, right now there isn’t a single clue that can say that he isn’t a Milan player already.. Nothing else to say except WELCOME 🙂


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