Milan’s Silvio Berlusconi: Real Madrid Star Kaka Wants To End His Career In Milan

Milan’s relations with Real Madrid are at the best level and according to reports, Perez can agree a loan for Kaka – something that Sheikh Mansour can’t…

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan’s president Silvio Berlusconi is looking forward to welcoming Kaka back at the San Siro.

In an interview for MilanNews, Rossoneri’s number one spoke of the importance of defender Thiago Silva and the possible return of Kaka as well.

“I have always said that Kaka is our option for the transfer market, which is very favorable.

“If he returns he can be a perfect number 10.

“Ricky [Kaka] has always said he wanted to end his career here, in Milan.

“We will always be ready to welcome him back, so from now on, we are open for his return.”

As known, Kaka has lost trust in Mourinho and is no longer in his plans.

This situation may be useful for Milan, who will try to bring “the Rossoneri fans favorite” back at the San Siro.

Yet, if we add that reports from Spain say that Real Madrid president will accept a loan formula for Kaka…

8 responses to “Milan’s Silvio Berlusconi: Real Madrid Star Kaka Wants To End His Career In Milan

  1. There are some (weak) rumors here about his return to AC Milan. But some people bet on a different name: Ganso.

    The player is selling 10% of his right to… (guess who? ) and they want to send him to Italy. AC Milan is his (strong) desire. Even Robinho told this last month on an interview – “Ganso is always asking me about life @ Milan.

    Galliani had an statement some weeks ago about a calm market in January… Let’s wait a bit more to check whether he’s bluffing.


    • Propa, the point is not that Kaka has said that – Kaka hasn’t in public, but it’s obvious.
      He didn’t play the last two games at all, and got 8 minutes on his last one. It’s ok, he may not be needed ’cause Real won on high. Also, considering the Copa Del Rey match, where he played for a hour and a while and he didn’t even touch the ball.
      There is something going on there – maybe a pressure or competition, I don’t know..


  2. Martina, Ganso is a very good player. A bit slow to modern football, but he has talent. He desperately needs to solve his contractual situation – he is in the middle of a DIS x Santos war.

    About Kaká: 100% agree with you. I’m under the suspicious that sooner or later Mourinho will have to let one player among Kaká and Özil go. But I never read nothing related to that. Just a guess.


    • Of course, I not dispute his talent. But the thing is his indecision, if he is really into a Milan transfer, ok. But what about the other statements that he wants to play of other clubs? He should make a quick decision, ’cause Milan aren’t gonna be forever there to wait for him – there are hundreds of players that can be his alternative.


    • Haha this (or at least these kind of things) definitely make my day. I know they are just rumors, but I believe there is something, at least a part that is true.
      Wow! This app is really awesome. Unfortunately, I don’t have IPad nor IPhone, yet. But I’m definitely gonna stick to this when I get one in the future.


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