Machester City Coach Roberto Mancini Rules Out Milan Loan Deal For Carlos Tevez

Mancini has reiterated that Tevez will not be loaned out as Manchester City prepare to meet representatives from Milan on Thursday.

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini on Tuesday ruled out a loan move involving Carlos Tevez as the Premier League leaders prepared to meet officials from Milan.

City chiefs are due to meet Milan officials on Thursday to discuss Tevez’s future but the Serie A club has made it clear they only want to sign the Argentinian striker on loan.

“We’re not going to take him outright, we’re offering a free loan with the right to buy in June,” Galliani told Italian press on Monday.

But Mancini on Tuesday said this was unacceptable and indicated the Premier League leaders will take a tough stance on the issue.

“I hope we can find a good solution for us and Carlos,” said Machester City’s coach.

“We want Carlos to come back and play football and the best solution for us is to sell him. We can’t let him leave on loan.”

“When Manchester City buy a player, they have to pay a lot of money. But when we want to sell them, they have to go on loan. This is not good. It is not correct for the other players.”

“Manchester City paid Carlos a lot of money for three years. It is correct that if one club, it could be Milan, Juventus, Paris St. Germain, Inter, want him, they pay Carlos for his value. This is correct.”

The meeting between the clubs was expected to take place in Manchester after Galliani told Italian media on Monday that he will be travelling there to discuss the move after fighting off competition from French side Paris St. Germain.

“On Thursday we have an appointment with Manchester City for Tevez but it will probably not be the decisive one to conclude negotiations,” Galliani said.

“The player wants to come to us and not PSG (Paris St Germain) and we hope City accept the offer.”

Tevez has been in Argentina since his future at Eastlands was thrown into jeopardy after his spat with Mancini during the Champions League defeat at Bayern Munich in September.


6 responses to “Machester City Coach Roberto Mancini Rules Out Milan Loan Deal For Carlos Tevez

  1. A lose-lose situation for the Sky Blues. They just can not afford to let him in Argentina without playing pro football for another seven months. In the summer transfer window, who’d table a decent offer for Tévez in this case?

    If Carlitos wants to join us, he will! And his advisor told he wants to be a rossonero. Or at least he wanted… 😛

    Galliani is so self-assured about this situation he is going to travel here to Brazil, according to, to talk to Mr. Bosco Leite, instead of London tomorrow.


    • Haha I agree. They wanna make a profit from something (or someone) they call flop signing, well… He definitely wants, that is obvious, but now City is the only obstacle left :/ In my opinion, this has something to do with obstinate and a revenge for not letting Kaka join City in 2009.
      Yes, I checked the link you gave me and I think that meeting may really happen. An hour ago it was confirmed that Braida will go in London, instead Galliani who is planning a trip to Brazil for “private purpose”.


  2. It can be “easier” than we supposed… Read this:

    City officials are due to meet an AC Milan delegation in London on Thursday to discuss a possible transfer next month and Mancini says the club will allow Tévez to move to San Siro on loan – despite the club’s long-term position being the opposite – with the proviso that the deal becomes permanent in the summer.

    “Yes, this is OK, if there is a guarantee that a club can take him on loan now and buy him in the summer,” Mancini said. “We want Carlos to come back to playing football and also want to find a good solution for us. I think the best solution is for us to sell him. He is 27 and I don’t think any player can go one year without playing. It’s difficult.”

    In my modest opinion, without Champions League action M. City are desperate to offload some players, like Wayne Bridge and Carlitos. Wages, I suppose, now has become a heavy burden (even) for them.

    Probably if Mr. Braida says the magical sentence (We’ll get him now on loan and we’re going to buy him next July) Tévez will join the roster next week.

    But we need to be patient – even though I’ve already ordered Tévez’s shirt :-). Everything can change in a blink.


    • Lol.. I’m kinda surprised. How is it possible that he has decided to change his few days old statement? Hopefully he’s gonna stick with this and not say that a loan is not an option next week.
      I honestly believe our wizard staff (Berlusconi-Galliani-Braida) will do a good job.


  3. Last night Gianluca Di Marzio had the same info in his blog – M. City are aware that there is only way out: to send Carlitos on loan now. But they want AC Milan to buy the player next summer.

    And now he says that the son of the lawyer responsible for AC Milan player’s contracts – I presume they work together in the same office – is @ London with Mr. Braida. Interesting to say the least…

    And do not forget Mino Raiola in the wizard staff.


  4. I think they will finally come down to earth and realize that there’s no such club to risk it all for Tevez. They will be forced to loan him out.. I’ve just read that Milan’s offer is gonna change – it won’t be a free loan in January, but a €3 million with an obligation to buy Tevez at the end of the season.
    Of course, how could I forget to mention our Mino? :/ Perhaps because, he’s gone a little bit incognito, but I hope he’ll be back soon with another great signing.


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