Carlos Tevez’s Milan Deal Still In The Balance

Manchester City and Milan are still trying to hammer out a loan deal for Carlos Tevez…

Roberto Mancini originally said he was opposed to anything apart from the sale of the Argentinian.

But the City boss is so desperate to get Tevez off the club’s books that he could be prepared to compromise.

There was a high level meeting between the clubs before Christmas.

Believed to be present were Milan’s Sporting Director Ariedo Braida and fellow director Lorenzo Cantamessa, as well as agent Giuseppe Riso, Tevez’s agent Kia Joorabchian and City’s Brian Marwood.

City want Milan to pay a €3 million loan deal, pick up the striker’s total £200,000-a-week salary and seal a cut-price €20 million deal.


2 responses to “Carlos Tevez’s Milan Deal Still In The Balance

  1. No relation with the post, but what do you think about the interview with Pato published today @ Corriere dello Sport? Do you think he&his manager (Gilmar Veloz) started to feel Carlitos presence even before the arrival of the Argentinean?


    • Who knows… It all kinda makes sense. Tevez is about to arrive and he will take over his place in the squad. As an addition, he is already starting to lose his starting role to Robinho. Moreover, if there is no communication between the coach and the player – we all know what is gonna happen. Similar thing happened to our expected arrival who refused to listen to the coach and now he is on his way to Milan. I read somewhere that if this happens, Milan are ready to swap Pato with Chelsea’s Torres, or with City’s Balotelli.


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