Silvio Berlusconi’s Daughter Barbara Pregnant With Milan Ace Alexandre Pato’s Child

Magazine says she is expecting her third child, this time it is Pato’s.

Barbara Berlusconi, daughter of the former Italian premier, is reported to be expecting a baby with her Brazilian partner and football champion Alexandre Pato.

According to the Italian weekly gossip magazine Diva e Donna, Berlusconi is pregnant with her third child and the footballer who plays for Milan is the father.

“Barbara Berlusconi, 27 years, already the happy mother of Alessandro, 3, and Edoardo, 2, born from her relationship with former financial analyst Giorgio Valaguzza, is expecting her third child with Pato, according to persistent rumours,” the magazine said.

Berlusconi’s father Silvio Berlusconi owns Milan and she is a member of the board.

She and Pato appeared to formalise their relationship when they went to La Scala Opera House and appeared hand in hand at the premiere of Don Giovanni on December 7.


4 responses to “Silvio Berlusconi’s Daughter Barbara Pregnant With Milan Ace Alexandre Pato’s Child

    • Yeah, they never do 🙂 It may be true, who knows. But in my opinion, the whole this thing about the “baby” is a way to reject all rumors about Pato leaving Milan. In the right time, the right place, the right way.
      Yeah, heard about that. It all depends on how Pato will do in Dubai and the way Milan will like his performance there.


  1. Interesting point of view. With or without baby, Milan won’t reject a € 46 million bid for Pato. That’s for sure.

    They can hire Tévez, Maxwell or Molinaro and Montolivo with that sum of money. Juventus did almost the same when they send ZZ to Real Madrid almost a decade ago.


    • I agree. In the last two or three seasons Milan have rejected vast offers, but I think they will think twice before deciding what to do with this one. The reason is that now Tevez is already sure to arrive and there won’t be space for Pato, and I think Milan could use the money well.


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