Carlos Tevez In Limbo As Milan Talks End In Stalemate, Thanks To Alexandre Pato’s Decision To Stay

Milan have failed to reach an agreement with Manchester City for the transfer of Carlos Tevez…

Carlos Tevez’s move to Milan from Manchester City has dramatically collapsed.

It comes after striker Alexandre Pato revealed he wants to stay in Italy.

Tevez’s switch to the European giants hinged on Brazilian Pato moving away in January, with Paris St Germain a likely destination.

“Milan is my home,” explained Pato. “I don’t want to interrupt my career with the black and reds after winning my first two trophies with this shirt.”

The striker helped  Milan win Serie A last season and the Italian Supercup in August, and said he wants to continue thriving with the Rossoneri.

“I want to contribute to writing Milan’s history and to the future success of this club with happiness and in perfect harmony with the environment.

“Today is a special day for me.

“I thank club president [Silvio] Berlusconi, the club and the supporters who have always believed in me.”

Talks had stalled last week with the sticking point thought to be Milan’s desire to take Tevez on loan, while City are keen to offload him in a permanent move.

The two parties will now need to reconvene at a later date as they seek to thrash out a deal for the unsettled forward.

Pato turned down a potential move to France, which could be a major stumbling block in the Tevez deal.


6 responses to “Carlos Tevez In Limbo As Milan Talks End In Stalemate, Thanks To Alexandre Pato’s Decision To Stay

    • No comment.. I’m speechless now :/ No matter what, I’m still gaining a little bit of hope that Tevez will arrive at Milan. Well some say that Inter have also abandoned the negotiations, and are rather interested in Marco Marin or Lucas Moura. Others say that they may use this Milan situation… Meanwhile, our reports say that we aren’t giving up on Tevez, at least not yet – instead of raising the offer, Galliani is secretly planning to include Genaoa’s loanee Merkel into the deal…


      • Yesterday was the craziest day I’ve ever experienced regarding calciomercato. 13h15, local time, Pato was a new PSG player and Tévez a rossonero. One hour later I returned from lunch and from out of nowhere everything had collapsed.

        Santo Cielo!

        But I’m pretty sure Tévez won’t be a Citizen again. Now we’re going to wait until the the end of January to know his destiny and it’s clear Moratti was only joking.

        He can be a AC Milan player in the last hours of this transfer window, but I don’t think Merkel or any other player will be involved in the negotiation.


      • Yeah.. I’m gonna regret that I wasn’t at home at that time :/ This whole thing is like living out the “Kaka case back in 2009” episode… I honestly believe that Tevez will arrive, even if Pato stays. In the end, we have Galliani & Berlusconi at our service! 😀
        Check this out! Moggi said that Tevez will arrive now, and Ibra will leave in June, which is hard to believe ’cause Tevez clearly said that he wasnys to play ALONGSIDE Ibra, and the Swede said exactly the same regarding Tevez…


  1. It’s a possibility. Mancini is crazy about Ibrahimović, Mino Raiola would love to make money with Ibrahimović one more time, the last one, and is just impossible for any coach to have at the same time the sweden, Tévez, Pato, Robinho, Cassano and El Shaarawy on the roster.

    Notice that I’ve already removed Super Pippo from this list.

    I do not rule this move out. Tévez said that he would like to play alongside Ibrahimović, but did not specified for how long. 😛 Six months? A season? Two seasons?

    And Tévez-Pato make more sense that Ibrahimović-Pato.


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