Italian Legend Paolo Maldini: Milan Don’t Want Me At The Club!

If this is true, then is it the right way to treat a legend like this one?

Paolo Maldini has claimed that he has been repeatedly frustrated in his attempts to embark on a coaching career with Milan.

Paris Saint-Germain sporting director Leonardo revealed earlier this week that he is keen for his former Rossoneri team-mate to take up a coaching role with the French club, and that the legendary Italian defender is currently thinking things over.

The news has raised the question as to why Maldini has never been taken on by Milan and the 43-year-old claims that it was not for the want of trying on his part.

“[Club president Silvio] Berlusconi had spoken clearly [about it] and even [board member] Barbara [Berlusconi] had mentioned my name but the reality is that I have not been offered anything,” Maldini told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“In these years I have asked to return before Leonardo [was coach] and then Allegri, but I always found a locked door at the club.”

“Leonardo would have wanted me close to the team; I would have been useful for him in any role. For Allegri, I would be the meeting point between team and society.”

“One explanation is simple – Milan do not want to take me back.”

When asked if he has been offered a position within coach Carlo Ancelotti’s backroom team at PSG, Maldini replied: “For now, no, but this does not mean that it won’t happen.”

“I met the president: there is great mutual respect with him as well as Leo and Carlo.”

“PSG is a club that is restructuring. They have not won [anything] for some time in France but they want to start doing so at the highest level in Europe.”

“There, everything is changing, everything.”

“I know what I can give: experience, love for this sport, the desire to engage in a serious project. But I never asked anything of anybody.”

Maldini attended PSG’s victory over Toulouse last weekend but he insisted that it would be a mistake to read too much into his presence at the Parc des Princes.

“In Paris I went only to find two friends,” he said. “Leo has been inviting me for a long time.”

“We decided to surprise Ancelotti on the occasion of his first game [in charge] – even if Carlo knew everything [in the end].”

Returning to Milan’s reluctance to welcome him back into the fold, Maldini mused that it could have something to do with his propensity for straight talking.

“I’m not afraid of telling it like it is and maybe that might be the problem,” he said. “Down the years I’ve acquired an intellectual independence which I don’t intend to give up.”

Meanwhile, Maldini admitted that he has been really enjoying himself of late playing seven-a-side football.

“After a lifetime as a defender, I have a taste for dribbling and scoring goals,” he said.

Maldini made league 647 appearances for Milan during his 24 years with the club as a player.


2 responses to “Italian Legend Paolo Maldini: Milan Don’t Want Me At The Club!

  1. I read the interview this morning and I think he was sincere to the journalist. Something need to be fixed in the relationship Maldini-Milan to say the least. Strange situation…


    • Definitely a pretty awkward situation. Lets take Inter’s or Juventus’ legend for instance.. Figo is currently working at Inter’s staff and Nedved is present in almost every Juventus match.. and where’s our Maldini is all that story? I guess nowhere…


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