Milan’s Massimo Ambrosini & Marco Amelia Hit Back At Juventus’ “Childish” Slap Claims

Milan duo hit out at Chiellini for accusing Ibrahimovic of slapping Storari on Wednesday.

Giorgio Chiellini went to the media room after the final whistle of last night’s 2-1 Coppa Italia victory and demanded video evidence, claiming Ibra had slapped Storari.

Video evidence suggests that the Swede did hit out at Storari, but where Ambrosini admits that if true then Ibra deserves punishment, he has accused Chiellini of stirring up trouble unnecessarily so.

“I think Chiellini should avoid taking these stands,” the 34-year-old angrily suggested.

“They are nasty things, out of place, and I mind because then you attempt to raise certain tones.

“You say that it is fair to raise them, but it does not seem funny to go into the Press room and call for television proof.

“If there is action taken against Ibra? If he has made a mistake then he must pay, but do not go into the Press room and tell tales or say certain things because that is something that should not be done.”

Also Milan goalkeeper Marco Amelia accused Juventus of having “an childish reaction” to Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s row with Marco Storari.

“Looking at the footage, it’s less of a slap than Ibra telling Storari he wasn’t fair by denying he’d touched a shot for a corner and only admitting to it after the match,” Amelia told Radio Sportiva.

“Therefore he just prodded him with a finger to show that Storari had done the wrong thing, but this enormous chaos emerged out of nothing, followed by an childish reaction from Juve.”

Ibrahimovic is at the centre of controversy just days after receiving a three-match Serie A ban for slapping Napoli’s Salvatore Aronica.

“In my view, the Napoli gesture wasn’t so serious either, as it was a discussion during the game and it ended there. I saw no real violence.

“I saw Chiellini arguing with Mauro Tassotti and I told him to stop it, as he was trying to stir up trouble over nothing.

“Everyone is afraid of Zlatan, because he’s so big and has this scary look in his eyes, but if they think they’re going to wind him up by provoking him then they are unfair. He apologised to everyone for his red card against Napoli.”

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