Milan Stars Pato, Nesta & Boateng Recover For Champions League Fixture Against Arsenal

Three injured players to be ready for Wednesday…

Milan’s injury crisis is easing in the lead-up to the Arsenal clash, as AlexandrePato, Kevin-Prince Boateng and Alessandro Nesta resumed training today.

The Rossoneri were missing 13 players for Saturday’s 2-1 victory away toUdinese due to a series of setbacks that have hit the squad.

The good news going into Wednesday’s Champions League knock-out match is that several stars are regaining their fitness.

Today Pato, Boateng, Nesta and Mathieu Flamini resumed training with the full squad, while Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mark Van Bommel’s Serie A bans do not apply to Europe.

Mario Yepes and Alberto Aquilani are also moving closer to a recovery, though they continue a personalised training regime.


2 responses to “Milan Stars Pato, Nesta & Boateng Recover For Champions League Fixture Against Arsenal

  1. I suppose we’re going to see Pato and Boateng in the starting 11 in the short term. Flamini, Yepes and Aquilani… I honestly don’t know when this is going to happen.

    And I expect Allegri had learned some lessons from Milan x Tottenham clash last season. In some occasions, a 0 x 0 result is not that bad. So, is fundamental to avoid goal against @ home.


    • So do I. Boateng is certainly going to be in the starting XI, at least according to Fedele. But I think Pato is still in doubt. Anyway, I think only Yepes will recover faster than Flamini and Aquilani.
      Oh and yeah.. I agree – it is highly important not to conceive goals at home.


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