Alberto Aquilani’s Liverpool Contract Confusion

Aquilani won’t be automatically signed by Milan after clash with Roma…

There is some confusion over Alberto Aquilani’s contract, as some sources say Milan will buy him outright from Liverpool if he faces Roma tomorrow.

The midfielder was signed on loan with a mandatory clause to buy out the player for €6m when he makes 25 appearances for the club.

Some sources in Italy suggest the 25th game will be on Saturday against his former teammates at Roma.

However, TMW have a different explanation that continues to leave the midfielder’s future in the balance.

“Even if he did play against Roma, Aquilani would not be 100 per cent a Milan player,” insisted TMW director Michele Criscitiello.

“The contract with Liverpool is very precise, as every time Aquilani plays for Milan, it is worth either an entire game or half a game.

“If he starts and comes off again five minutes later, it still counts as a full game. If he comes on from the bench, it will always count as half a game.

“Therefore if we make the calculations on that basis then Aquilani has 21.5 appearances for Milan and if he starts tomorrow it’ll be 22.5 and not 25.

“Aquilani has made 13 Serie A starts and four as a substitute, while in the Champions League he started five and was a substitute in one match. In theCoppa Italia he started against Juventus, so that counts as one game.”

Liverpool signed Aquilani for € 25 million from Roma in 2009, but spent last season on loan at Juventus.


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