Milan Striker Alexandre Pato Sad After Injury – Agent

Another injury for the Brazilian after being only 14 minutes on the field against Barcelona…

Alexandre Pato “is sad at his latest injury, but hopes to be back soon,” revealed the Milan striker’s agent.

The Brazilian made his comeback after two months out and a specialist visit to Atlanta, Georgia, but lasted only 13 minutes during last night’s 3-1 Champions League defeat to Barcelona.

“Alexandre is sad at his latest injury, but hopes to be back soon, because he is very fired up,” agent Gilmar Veloz told TMW.

“We have to hope for the best and he will undergo tests tomorrow. Why does he have so many injuries? That is something you’d best ask the Milan medical staff, as I wouldn’t know what to say.”

So close to joining Paris Saint-Germain in January, it is widely reported that Pato will resume talks with the French club over the summer.

“Let’s just leave him to think about healing now…”

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16 responses to “Milan Striker Alexandre Pato Sad After Injury – Agent

  1. Simple and direct question: according to Mr. Di Marzio, M. City is serious thinking about selling Balotelli next calciomercato and his girlfriend wants his return to Italy. For about € 18 million is he a good or bad idea for us?


    • I agree. Not a bad idea. Balo has already played alongside Ibra and i think he will easily find his position in Milan squad. However, there’s Tevez. English press say Milan are still interested in him and that will try to sign him again in the summer.
      And Pato’s season is over… but thanks god we have Casano and Maxi now 🙂


  2. Definitely a good one. Mario is a killer, Milan’s fan with great potential, talent, strength, speed, a and constitution that’s not like Pato’s. Sometimes I think Pato is made off glass.
    I hope he ll sign for Milan, as well as Aly Cissokho or Jordi Alba on the left, Lucas Moura in the middle, and Lloris as a goalkeeper. That’s all Milan need.


    • Agreed. He also may lose his temper once or twice, but once he signs for Milan – he has got to know that he’ll be a changed man, just like Ibra, van Bommel, Boateng…
      And I also agree that Milan should sign Cissokho, Alba and co.
      Lucas.. huh, I’d be very happy if he one day signs for Milan – but he’s kinda hard to get.


  3. I honestly prefer Carlitos over Balotelli. And I guess we’re going to sign him in the summer. But I hope without that transfer saga we followed last transfer market.

    About Lucas, I’m pretty sure he is far more suited for La Liga and Premier League. Face tight defenses like we have in Italy won’t help him. Lionel Messi had a lot of troubles to beat our defenders – notice that I wrote Messi, one of the best players in history – and I can’t even imagine what kind of problems Lucas will have.

    But Inter will hire him.


    • It better be without that saga.. otherwise I’m gonna have to be busy all summer long writing posts about it…
      No, I personal like Lucas – a player very similar to Kaka a lot, but I also think he won’t sign for Milan.
      Anyway, talking about Kaka – observing the way he has played his latest games, I think I’m gonna have to bore everyone about him once again – at least until Milan finally bring him back 😀


      • Kaká can be a surprise of our calciomercato. Real Madrid are very serious about signing Gareth Bale and I doubt Kaká, Di María, Ronaldo, Özil and Bale can coexist. Stay tuned.

        Kaká and Carlitos… Santo cielo!

        “otherwise I’m gonna have to be busy all summer long writing posts about it…”
        Nope, nope and nope. 😛 Summer, as I always say, it’s time to have sun&fun.

        If I go to the beach with an iPad and a MacBook, both connected in a 3G network, I do it ’cause I need to do (professional purposes).

        You’re only 16.. No professional purpose involved. So, relax, go to a beach and enjoy the summer.

        Happy Easter.


      • That’s exactly what Berlusconi promised at the beginning of this year.. Kaka is easy to get. Real will probably win La Liga and that’s what Kaka wants – to win a title in Madrid jersey, so he can move to another club. I assume as long as Berlo is there, Kaka will be a No. 1 target for Milan 🙂 He will be quite a duo with Tevez.
        Summer.. can’t wait 😀 No school, fun only and thousands of rumors 😀
        Anyway, happy Easter over there. Ours is coming in two weeks time 🙂


  4. I don’t know why we buy mediocre players like Emanuelson, Flamini, Aquilani, and let’s be honest KPB and Nocerino were gamble. While our competitors and main rivals are buying the best available on market. Lucas is great for Serie A, ideal for Milan, but Inter will buy him if Real let ’em.
    Carlitos over Mario. C’mon he ‘s 8 years older, sapienti sat. Lucas should be our main target as we do not have a creative midfielder with vision, speed, dribbling and pace.
    Sell Pato ASAP and buy this amazing player.


    • The main battle for strikers spot will be Tevez-Balotelli. We’ll see what will happen in August. Yeah.. Lucas is quite a talent, but I doubt Berlusconi will spend 80 mil. euro on him and his price tag… Better to sign a player for 500,000 euro (like Nocerino), rather than sign a massive star and eventually see a flop.
      I personally prefer loaning Pato or exchanging him.


  5. I suppose he’ll leave Madrid this summer but I’m not pretty sure he’ll return. It’s a possibility. Paris is another.

    But we’ll probably hire another trequartista.

    There is a rumor that we’re after Kagawa not only for football purposes – Emirates want him in their publicity in Japan.

    We need to wait.


    • He will… Maybe it’s not his first option, but I don’t think we shall worry about that ’cause Berlusconi will do anything to bring him back. He is one of the many connections to Kaka.
      Regarding Kagawa… I’m not sure. He’s out of this world, but I think he will stay at Borussia for another year.


      • Well 80mil is just buying clause, but that does not mean really that he will leave for only that sum of money as we seen many times before.
        Hoping for Lucas, would be happy with Kagawa, even more with Goetze 🙂


  6. Lucas is not a midfielder. He is a right winger blessed with incredible pace and average skills – basically he never uses his left foot – and I just can’t imagine Allegri changing his beloved 4-3-1-2 just because of Lucas.

    As I wrote previously I believe he is perfect for England and Spain. Neymar who is a far better player than Lucas struggled against Germany and Bosnia because he desperatly needs space.

    Here in Brazil there are incredible spaces between the lines – specially between defenders and midfielders.


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