Milan May See Italian Star Antonio Cassano Back In Squad From Stroke

Cassano is back and even stronger…

Disappointment is relative. Milan has to get over its loss to Barcelona in the Champions League by switching back to Serie A, which it leads by two points.

Not for the first time this season, things have been put into perspective by the heart of a player. Milan’s Antonio Cassano, who suffered a stroke on a flight from Rome last October 29, is now fit and available for selection against Fiorentina this weekend.

“I was scared of dying,” Cassano said on Italian TV on Thursday. “When that fear passed, I thought of stopping playing. Now I am ready to play again. If it doesn’t work out, I will say thanks everybody, and go home.

“I want people to have good memories of Cassano. I don’t want pity.”

His chances of making the team are enhanced by the fact that Alexandre Pato, the 22-year-old former boy wonder, broke down with yet another torn muscle during his brief time on the field against Barcelona.

For Cassano, a comeback. For Pato, an uncertain future. For Milan, a game to win to stay ahead of second place, improving Juventus.


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