Nancy Midfielder Bakaye Traore Closing In On Milan Move

Just one of the many expected arrivals at the San Siro for next term…

A recent report from France claims that Milan have agreed a deal to sign Nancy’s Bakaye Traore on a free transfer.

The 27-year-old midfielder will be available for free this summer and Milan are prepared to offer a three-year contract, according to French newspaper L’Equipe.

“Along with Barcelona, Manchester United and Real Madrid, I think Milan are the most important club in the world. I am honored to hear the Rossoneri are interested in me,” the Mali international told the press.

In recent years, the Rossoneri have been very successful in the transfer market, spending little of money, with most of their signings being Bosman transfers.

Traore is also believed as a target fot Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Marseille and Lille.

Meanwhile, it is thought Milan have no intention in bringing Taye Taiwo back to the club from QPR, who was a free signing from Marseille at the beginning of the season.

5 responses to “Nancy Midfielder Bakaye Traore Closing In On Milan Move

  1. He is a good player and will be extremely useful. But Galliani needs to be careful to not stockpile physical players in the midfield. After Traoré he can go after someone like Şahin, for exemple.


  2. Maybe, maybe not. Allegri is in a really difficult situation right now, but I don’t believe in this rumor. I believe in two other names if Berlusconi decides to change: Spalletti – Berlusconi really loves him! – and, much more difficult, Guardiola.

    Capello is just a much more experienced, and winning!, version of Allegri. They’re basically the same.

    Capello was hired for the first time when I was a year older than you are right now. So, I had plenty of time to follow his choices very closely. In his first year as a coach we won the scudetto without a single defeat but playing an incredible defensive and boring football – in short words: basically Marco scored a goal and we won 1 x 0.

    In his second season, we played like Gods in the first half of the season but arrived to UCL final, against OM, without legs. And I blame Don Fabio for that unbelievable loss.

    In 1993 or 94, not pretty sure, I read an article that Capello, at a certain week, had only four player at his disposal at Milanello because 18 – yes, eighteen! – were serving their national teams and 3 were injured.

    He had an incredible roster at his disposal but his Milan produced a boring football most of the time. And he failed to win the CL twice – ok, in 95 Ajax were a better side. They beat us three times that competition.

    But in 1993 we were way better than OM.


    • Right. Well I don’t know much about that golden ’90 time.. I only realized some things via videos. I can 100% be sure that you are telling the truth, ’cause you grew up with Milan at the time.
      Who the hell cares about Guardiola? I don’t want to see his face, and I definitely will give up being a Milan fan if he arrives.. (just a joke, but I’ll think about that). I really don’t want him, neither Spalletti. If the Catalan arrives, Ibra will leave & if Spalletti becomes Milan coach he will probably try to bring Totti to Milan.. hahaha..
      Either Allegri stays, either Capello arrives – I won’t accept any other option 😀


      • I respect your opinion, of couse, but I’d be extremely pleased if Pep arrives. It is not going to happen, but…

        I can remember only four coaches that stands out from the rest of the crowd: Rinus Michels, Telê Santana, Sacchi and Guardiola.

        If you have time, try to download any Barça match under Rijkaard and compare with what we have now. Huge improvement.

        But probably we’ll have Allegri (coach) and Capello (manager). Be careful, Galliani. 😛

        And some weeks ago I wrote that I do not like to give advices… but here is another one: avoid this “do or die” situation as much as you can. Most of the time it only causes misery, sorrow…

        Patience is the key in some situations.


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