Milan 2 – 1 Inter: SuperCoppa Italiana Rewind

Let’s take a look into last cup meeting between Milan rivals…

After winning their 18th Scudetto, Milan continued their run in the SuperCoppa Italiana which was held at Beijing, Bird’s Nest for the first time in its history. While Milan went into the match on a high of being the champions, Inter at that time were embroiled in the Sneijder transfer saga. While Manchester City and Manchester United tussled for the Dutch playmaker, Milan took the opportunity to put one over Inter in the final.

The first goal of the match clearly showed the prevalent tension between the two sides as Gattuso and Stankovic almost came to blows, only to be separated by Boateng and Eto’o from either sides. Sneijder scored from the resultant free-kick, as the ball found that half inch of space to squeeze past Abbiati’s outstretched fingers.

Both the teams had an almost equal number of chances to score, but while Robinho floundered from close range for Milan, Eto’o did the honors for Inter. At half-time, with Inter leading by a single goal, both the teams went down the tunnel knowing that the match was just beginning to explode.

Ibrahimovic came close on few occasions to convert but after missing repeatedly, finally got his revenge as he headed home from a Seedorf pass. Boateng finished off the game, scoring from Pato’s rebound, handing Milan their second successive trophy in the year and their sixth SuperCoppa Italiana.


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