Milan’s Thiago Silva Linked With Move To Manchester City, Mario Balotelli Could Go Other Way

Silva may move to Manchester City and Balotelli to Milan…

Milan’s Thiago Silva has been linked with a transfer all season, the destination most rumoured has been Barcelona but now others have been brought into the picture. Milan are only interested in who offers them the biggest fee and Barcelona are becoming notorious for using a player’s desire to join them to keep transfer costs down.

That wouldn’t suit the Serie A side who are more interested in an auction. Corriere dello Sport say that the clubs interested in the Brazilian defender are Barcelona, Manchester City, PSG and Real Madrid. They hope that playing them off against each other would result in a transfer fee of around €30 m, enabling them to purchase a striker.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants a new strike partner and CdS say that the Swedish forward was so upset at not winning a league title this year, something he’s used to taking for granted, that he spent 2 hours having a dressing room meeting with CEO Galliani in the San Siro on Sunday.

He’s been promised a new strike buddy and the two names put forward are Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez. Balotelli played for Inter Milan but it’s the red side of the city he supports and has said in the past he’d like to represent them one day, his girlfriend lives in Milan and they are due to get married this summer – it would be odd for them them to live so far apart.

Way back in 2012 Balotelli was quoted by the Daily Mail as saying “One day I will return and play with Ibrahimovic. I don’t know in which shirt it will be but I know it will happen.”

The compliment was returned by Ibra who said “He asked me to come and play with him at City but I think Mario one day will ask to come and play here. We shall have to watch this space.”

Carlos Tevez managed to get himself in trouble last night by holding a sign that was insulting towards Sir Alex Ferguson, something the club have had to apologise for. Last summer he was pictured with Galliani and it had been thought a move to Milan was imminent. It would be no shock if those rumours start again.

Balotelli could be seen as the better option, he may be described as “mad cap” but there’s the possibility he can grow out of it, 28 year old Carlos Tevez may be past that.


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