Zlatan Ibrahimovic To Be Named New Milan’s Captain, After Rumors Of Possible Departure?

Ibra will be given captain’s armband in order to stay…

According to few Italian sources, the Ibrahimovic saga is going on and off, warm and cold.

Rumors about a transfer were in the air. The relationship between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the club is making news. Will he stay or will he go? Between one rumour and another, official statements and press releases, communications are constant and sometimes contradictory. It all began with ANSA’s press shot earlier this afternoon.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future in a red and black shirt has become more complicated as rumours of a possible transfer are spreading. According to ANSA, Milan coach Allegri and Adriano Galliani told Silvio Berlusconi of an “intollerable situation” regarding the player. This all came to light at a dinner when the trio met at Arcore on Friday evening, to discuss the transfer market.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, during the meeting the managing director and the coach described a situation regarding the player who was becoming impossible to manage to the Rossoneri owner. The Swedish champion was said to be no longer on speaking terms with the coach and was responsible for squabbles and bickering in the Milan changing rooms.

There would now seem to be problems getting along with team-mates. Added to an effort on the pitch which could not be considered exceptional. Milan CEO Galliani and boss Allegri are said to have asked Berlusconi to consider selling the player, bringing his age into question as well: Ibrahimovic is 30 and this would be the right time to change clubs.

Berlusconi, according to these sources, would seem to be against selling the player and gave the managing director the go-ahead to sound out the situation and find out if the problems in behaviour could be resolved or if they risk endangering the atmosphere in the dressing room.

Milan plan to sell Italy’s top scorer and use the the money to lure Manchester City’s duo Mario Balotelli and Carlos Tevez. However, Tuttosport reports that the Swede will takeover the captain’s armband next term in order to stay at Milan.

Also Milan, through their press office, have denied that there are any problems between the Sweden international and coach Allegri; they are “groundless and untrue.”


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