Milan Close To Signing Cruzeiro’s Goalkeeper Gabriel


The 19-year old goalkeeper is Milan’s third reinforcement so far…

According to and Sky Sport 24Milan have already reached an agreement over Cruzeiro’s youngster Gabriel, as the player is expected to become officially Milan player next week.

Gabriel Vasconcelos Ferreira, better known as just Gabriel, 19, was promoted to Cruzeiro’s first team in 2010.

He is supposed to be used as Milan’s third goalkeeper alternative to Christian Abbiati and Marco Amelia, after veteran Flavio Roma’s departure.

The former U-20 international is expected to arrive in Milan in the coming hours and to take the medical examinations on Monday. Soon after he will be announced as the new Milan signing for only €300,000.

Milan beat the competition, after it was reported that Italian champions Juventus have been asking information about the player.


3 responses to “Milan Close To Signing Cruzeiro’s Goalkeeper Gabriel

  1. What a pleasant surprise. Gabriel is by far the best young keeper we have here. I knew he was facing some problems to renew his contract with Cruzeiro, but this move is quite a (huge) surprise.

    Congratulations to Galliani, Braida and “Il Concorde” Serginho, the head of our scouts here in Brazil.

    ” (…) for ‘only’ €300,000″? I’ll give you soon my bank account number… You can send me “only” €300,000. 😀

    But you’re right. This sum of money for such a talent redefine the word bargain.


    • Hahaha 😀 No no.. I’d “give my soul” for that €300,000 if needed 😀
      We’ve got a deal! As soon as I find that amount of money…
      I hope he turns out to be a surprise signing, same as Nocerino.
      Moreover, this afternoon was the first time I found out about this guy and the next second there’re 100 of people stating that he is a magnificent goalkeeper. However, since I’ve heard that from you – I’m starting to believe in it.
      And I’m having a new crush in the squad 😀 After Prosinek, Tamas, De Sciglio.. there’s Gabriel on the list :))))


      • Whether he is going to be a surprise signing or not we’re going to check only in three seasons. Nocerino was ready when he was hired, Gabriel is only four years older than you.

        But I repeat: he has potential to be our ‘keeper in a not so distant future.


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