Kaka’s Father Bosco Leite Had A Meeting With Milan CEO Galliani & The Brazilian Ace Accepts Pay-Cut?

Ricky’s father has met with Galiani and now a new return saga begins…

According to the Italian press, Kaka’s father Bosco Leite had a meeting with Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani today in order to discuss Brazilian’s  San Siro return.

Kaka arrived in Madrid in 2009, but has never managed to approach coach Mourinho’s circle of trust and now is a step away from Real Madrid’s exit doors. Former Milan midfielder would in fact want Milan to be his next destination.

Calciomercatonews.com and sport.it suggest that Bosco Leite, Kaka’s father and agent as well was spotted in Milan on Saturday with a mission to persuade Milan to go for their former jewel. The hypothesis is that Ricky has got to lower his salary in order to return at Milan and as it is reported, he has already accepted a pay cut.

If true, then Kaka is definitely closer than ever to Milan. However, there is only one thing left to be settled – the transfer details. It is likely that Real Madrid will let him go on a season-long loan with the Madrid giants paying his salary in order for Milan to sign him permanently the next season.

Stay tuned in order to find out whether is Ricky making this amazing Milan comeback or not…


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