Jose Mourinho To Tell Kaka To Leave Real Madrid This Summer

Mourinho is ready to pave the way for Kaká to leave the Bernabeu, with Milan touted as a possible destination…

Jose Mourinho will meet Kaka on Monday to tell him that if he stays at Real Madrid he should expect to play even fewer minutes than during the last campaign.

There are two factors which make the departure of Kaka an unavoidable topic at the Bernabéu. The first regards his performances of late. The Brazilian midfielder arrived during the 2009-10 season as one of Florentino Pérez’s star signings, along with Cristiano Ronaldo. But unlike the Portuguese, he hasn’t lived up to expectations.

The other is economic. Letting the Brazil international go would allow the club to accommodate the salary of Croatian midfielder Luka Modric, who is expected to join from Tottenham Hotspur this week. But it is not only a matter of the money that could be made from the transfer – Madrid believe they can get at least €25 million for him, be that from Milan or another club – but the money that would be saved in the absence of Kaka’s substantial wage bill: €9 million a year.

Mourinho has tried to help the player find his form in the last two years. But whereas with Karim Benzema he’s been able to spur him on to greater and greater heights, taking a first team spot from Gonzalo Higuaín, with Ricky there have been no solutions. The Brazilian has been troubled with injuries, and unable to perform in the important games.

So Kaka’s exit this summer seems inevitable, though first Madrid or the player’s representatives will have to find a club that can afford the transfer fee and salary. More about this meeting to follow tomorrow, on Monday…


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