Kaka-Milan: What The Experts Think About The Return

“Kaka is a true champion. If he returns, we’ll welcome him the warmest way we can” – Matta De Sciglio

“It would be a dream come true. For me it would be an honour to play alongside him” – Stephan El Shaarawy

“As a Milanista, his possible return gives me goosebumps. Ricky is missed by all; everyone knows what he did for these colors. If he’s well, he can give us an important lift. However, it is a personal choice, so we’ll see what happens. But I’d be happy if he returns” – Filippo Inzaghi

“I would bring Kaka back – he’s a top class player. Kaka is still a useful player. He is going to be a good bargain” – Cesare Maldini

“I’d be a delight to see Kaka back at Milan. That is a good thing for everyone, which could serve him well observing that the Confederations Cup and World Cup 2014 are to come. Milan’s fans would be delighted as well.” – Alessandro Costacurta


“Yes, I definitely want Kaka to return. The atmosphere in the lockeroom will get better. Kaka is an example of a class player, an elegant second striker who can also play in midfield” – Carlo Pellegatti

“Kaka’s goal is to return to Milan in order to regain credibility and his best condition so that he can feature in World Cup 2014- thing worth sacrificing it all. Kaka’s scarification is his salary”  – Franco Ordine

“I agree on Kaka’s return. He si still a good player. Perhaps not the one we used to know, but at last a bit of it” – Vito Elia

“A free player bargain would be an outstanding one. From technical point of view this kind of deal would be amazing fro both Milan and Kaka.” – Cristiano Ruiu


”[Part of a song] Certain loves never die, they just go round on a long journey and come back again.” – Adriano Galliani

“[Part of a song] Use the repeat” – Adriano Galliani

“It is a matter of heart, not money” – Corriere dello Sport


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