SPECIAL: The Top 8 Bromances In Milan Squad

Check out Milan’s top bromances featuring new arrivals in the list!

Bromance No.8 – Emanoti: Urby Emanuelson & Mattia Valoti

Probably the newest bromance in the squad, as it bloomed on Milan’s US tour. Dutch midfielder is very close to Brazilian forwards Pato and Robinho, but it seems that he has found a new buddy to hand out with. The “Emanoti” friendship takes the notable and descent 8th position.

Bromance No. 7 – Yepata: Mario Yepes and Cristian Zapata

Another recently bloomed bromance between the two Colombian internationals. Both have featured for their homeland’s giant Deportivo Cali. However, they have never played alongside each other until year 2007. Zapata is a constant Colombian international and a defense partner to Yepes from then on. Furthermore, the 25-year-old ace will again have the chance to build the wall of defense, this time at Milan.

Bromance No. 6 – Bonini: Daniele Bonera and Luca Antonini

Former Italy international Bonera arrived at Milan in 2006. Two years later, Antonini has joined him. Ever since, they have developed a great friendship on and off the pitch. The full-back and central defender have so far been one of the rare Milan defenders with such long standing in the roster.

Bromance No. 5  – Flaxes: Mathieu Flamini and Philippe Mexes

French mix of a defender and a midfielder. The 3-times-capped French midfielder who recently accepted a pay cut in order to stick with the club, is thought to be one of the main reason why Mexes joined Milan last season. Unfortunately, Mexes’ new hairstyle and Flamini’s will to play with a reduced salary may not be enough for coach Allegri to include them into starting line-up.

Bromance No. 4 – Boarawy: Kevin-Prince Boateng and Stephan El Shaarawy

Serie B best player of season 2010/2011 has decided to share his secrets with the Prince of Milan, Boateng. They can often be seen sitting close to each other on trips and different tours (see the picture). Plus they both have that crazy, wild and very addictive haircut that brings them to the medium part of the list.

Bromance No. 3: Abaterino – Ignazio Abate and Antonio Nocerino

The bronze medal goes to EURO 2012 tandem Abaterino. This friendship dates a long time ago, ever since they both took part in Summer Olympics in Beijing back in 2008. Have represented Milan at the EURO this year, alongside teammate Montolivo and former star, Cassano. While on the pitch, Abate often likes to “feed” Nocerino with his extraordinary precise center passes from the right side.

Bromance No. 2 – Paro: Alexandre Pato and Robinho

The highly notable second place goes to these Brazilian guys of whom we enjoy a lot while watching them samba dancing. If not, you can always see them posing with an enormous smile on their face (see the picture above). Either way, they have become the absolute successors of Shevka. Remember Shevka? Yeah, good old times… Partners on representative duty during Dunga’s period and partners on Milan’s ship. Both have their moments – either it is due to injuries or missing a 100% opportunity, we can always our entertainers’ “Ai Se Eu Te Pego”  performance.

Bromance No. 1 – Pazzolivo: Giampaolo Pazzini and Riccardo Montolivo

Marching on to Milan’s greatest bromance until date, Pazzolivo – remember that guys. An interesting fact about these two guys is that they have spent 75% of their careers playing alongside each other. Firstly there comes Atalanta (2003 – 2005). Fiorentina is up next (2005-2009). To meet up in Italy’s national team the same year that Pazzini left for Sampdoria. Statistic shows that Pazzolivo has been departed only for three seasons (two at Sampdoria and one away at Inter). Finally to reunite at Milan few days ago…

In my opinion this is the best way to put up a happy ending to the Top 8 Milan bromances until date. I hope that you have all enjoyed my picks. If not, you can comment in the box below anytime you want and make a list of your own.


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