Kaka-Milan: All The Updates For 26.08.2012

Read all the Sunday news referring Kaka’s return!

– Interview after Sampdoria loss, Milan Coach Allegri spoke to Sky: “Kaka is a champion and has done a lot for Milan. Lass Diarrra as well. However, there are five days left and we shall see…”

– Kaka to Milan Channel: “I want to leave Real Madrid. Whether it is Milan or Poggibionsi: I want to leave. ” Milan’s official channel also report that CEO will succeed in convincing Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez to let Kaka join Milan on loan.

– Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani to Sky Sport: “The deal depends on Real Madrid. They only want to sell Kaka permanently whereas we want him on loan. I will meet Real Madrid officials after the Spanish SuperCup.”

– Milan officials will again hold a meeting on Tuesday. The main topic will be the extra budget for Kaka’s return. [Gazzetta dello Sport]

– Carlo Pellegatti to Premium Calcio: “The cleaning lady is preparing Kaka’s apartment at Milan.”

–  Peppe Di Stefano to Sky Sport: “Galliani will travel to Madrid either on Monday either on Tuesday. Milan have made the proposal and Perez may agree to let Kaka go on loan. An agreement may be easily reached, as the player has already said that his oly will to is return to Milan.”

El Pais have revealed some awkward details on Kaka and Mourinho. According to them, Mourinho has forced Kaka to leave Real Madrid ever since January. “He isn’t a good person. I’m always a second choice player in his opinion.”, Kaka has confided to some of his teammates. Mourinho has constantly been asking Kaka about his future plans, the Spanish newspaper reveal.

Another thing is Kaka’s board meeting, where he was told that he should leave the Madrid giant. “Don’t you realize that I don’t rely on you?”, is what Mourinho asked. However, the Brazilian midfielder has responded with a resounding “No” and a surprised look on his face. That is the reason the 30-year-old star and his father left the Bernabeu tight-lipped.

Yet another raveled confrontation has something to do with Kaka’s proposed Milan move. The Brazilian has asked Mourinho to let him join Milan, however the answer he received wasn’t a positive one. “He wants me to play for a third league Eurpean club, not for a famous one.” Moreover, this attitude of Mourinho is something that Madrid president Perez didn’t like at all. The newspapers hints that a meeting between them two has been hold and Florentino has later described that as a “humiliating behavior”.

Note: El Pais is not a such trusted source as it is a newspaper based on Barcelona (same case with Tuttosport writing posts about Milan). However, no matter if this is true or not – Kaka doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. With all due respect to Real Madrid boss, but Kaka has the every right to be mad!


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