Milan’s CEO Galliani Fails In Efforts To Convince Real Madrid To Loan Kaka; Berlusconi To Takeover

No Milan move for Kaka , but the transfer market isn’t closed yet…

Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has blamed the Spanish tax system after revealing that the Italian club’s hopes of bringing Kaka back to the San Siro from Real Madrid are dead in the water.

“The deal for Kaka is off, we were waiting to hear from a tax man in Spain and we got his reply today. The deal is off because it is too risky,” Galliani told Milan’s official website. The website continued: “After a year in Italy the so-called ‘Beckham law’ would no longer have applied meaning that Kaka’s taxes would have risen drastically as Italian tax laws state making it virtually impossible for the Rossoneri to make such an investment.”

The “Beckham Law” was introduced in Spain in 2005 as a means of attracting foreign workers into the country by considerably reducing their tax liabilities.

However, no matter the difficulties hope never dies. According to Sportmediaset‘s journalist Carlo Pellegatti, Milan haven’t totally given up on Kaka. The experienced journalist believes that Galliani is trying to put pressure on Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez to accept the loan proposal. Milan will still push the Madrid giant for a loan with an obligation to sign Kaka at the end of the season and wait until Friday’s transfer deadline.

Also, many Italian sources including, claim that Milan’s president Silvio Berlusconi will takeover Kaka’s negotiations. Berlsuconi is known as Kaka’s biggest fan and reportedly won’t easily give up on him. It is expected for him to step up and meet Real Madrid’s officials in the final days of the market. Negotiations with the Brazilian midfielder’s are currently in stand-by position and the last word hasn’t been said yet, if it is to believe Rosea.

In the meantime, Kaka’s wife Caroline Celico has suggested that Sao Paolo return may be on the cards. While, Real Madrid coach has called the 30-year-old star up for Wednesday’s second leg of Spanish SuperCup. To finish with a tiny advice to all the Milan fans: Hope never dies!!


2 responses to “Milan’s CEO Galliani Fails In Efforts To Convince Real Madrid To Loan Kaka; Berlusconi To Takeover

  1. A return to São Paulo is not an option by now.

    Why? Simple: our transfer window for foreigners is closed since last month.

    And Mourinho sent him to the stands one more time yesterday…


    • Right. I heard that on Twitter yesterday… and again, here we go with the torture :/ If Milan fail to bring him back tomorrow, he has no other option but to stay there until January. Then we’d be able to get him on loan…


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