BREAKING NEWS: Milan To Re-Open Kaka Talks In Final Days Of Transfer Market!!

Kaka to Milan is far from dead…

According to Calciomercato, Milan are willing to re-open Kaka talks and make the last attempt to lure the Brazilian at the San Siro.

Barbara Berlusconi has reportedly asked her father, Silvo to bring two stars before the transfer deadline on Friday. One of them is probably Manchester City’s Nigel De Jong and the second one, well, as usual – Real Madrid’s Kaka. After the negotiations for Cassano-Pazzini exchange with Inter, Milan have asked for a green light to start negotiations for De Jong that are supposed to happen these days.

However, the real meaning of the post wouldn’t be without our jewel Kaka – it seems that the fans can now relish their hope.

For many Bojan’s arrival at Milan has been seen as a plan B to the Brazilian star. However, Bojan agent Giuseppe Riso has revealed that the negotiations with the 22-year-old had nothing to do with Kaka’s. In fact, it was a back-up plan for Ze Eduardo’s failed transfer.

After receiving several negative loan answers from Real Madrid officials, Milan are now set to sign Kaka on a 4-year contract. It is rumored that a sum of €16 million may be on the table with a salary of €5 million per season.


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