Kaka-Milan: All The Updates For 30.08.2012

False shock, agent’s declaration and the never ending Kaka saga…

– To start with the World Trend for the moment: Kaka’s “return”, unfortunately the false one. According to Milan’s “official” site, the 30-year-old has officially become new Milan player for a sum of €20 million. However, all of this would have been great until we noticed something. If one deletes the “site90” part of the address would get the real news – Niang’s arrival. Yeah, pretty good catch. Well done, hackers! Hopefully we’ll see the real Milan official site post something like this on Friday.

– One of Kaka’s agents, Wagner Ribeiro has given a real clue about what is about to happen on 31 August.

“There are no official offers for Kaka, but only Milan could decide to make the last-minute attempt”, admitted Ribeiro. “It would be a real tragedy is Kaka stays at Real Madrid. However, one thing is certain – something will happen between Thursday and Friday. No doubt.” Recent reports claimed that the Brazilian star isn’t in a good relations with Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho. “The relationship between Ricky and Mourinho is good, as they have respect for each other. However, it is clear that Kaka doesn’t fit in into coach plans.”

– Spanish and English press believe that Milan will make that last attempt to sign Kaka. Galliani will attempt to thrash out a last minute deal for Ricky in the Principality after being granted the green light by president Silvio Berlusconi. The return of Kaka would ease the tension with fans and also placate worried sponsors.

Realmadridfichjaes and Triballfootball claim that Milan have decided to maximize Kaka’s stay for another season.

The deal to be tabled will be for a free two-year loan with the obligation of a €12 million fee to sign him permanently in 2014. Since the Madrid giant want to be assured that Kaka won’t ever return to Real Madrid, this may be the right offer to satisfy Madrid’s conditions.

31 August has finally arrived!! Are you ready? 

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