Real Madrid To Fine Brazilian Midfielder Kaka For “Inappropriate Behavior”?!

Real Madrid may fine former Milan star for not celebrating…

On 29 August 2012, Real Madrid hosted arch rival Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu for the second leg of the Spanish CuperCup. Former Milan jewel Kaka wasn’t called-up for the first leg in Barcelona. However he was included in the squad list this time. Then, Real Madric coach Jose Mourinnho squashed Kaka’s hope having sent him to the stands… That is how it all started.

Now, as Spanish and Italian press report, the Brazilian may be punished for his “inappropriate behavior”. But let us analyze his behavior.

The 30-year-old was literally “dumped” just before the start of El Clasico. Instead of returning at home, he insisted on watching the game from the stands as an ordinary fan. He watched the entire game and in the end, he left the Santiago Bernabeu refusing to celebrate the trophy or take a photo. Plus, he is going to be punished for that (?!). But why is the real question.

Kaka wasn’t the only player being sent to the stands and not celebrating, but he was the only one to be punished. “After what they are doing to me, I’m not in the mood for taking pictures right now”, is what the Brazilian star said after skipping the celebration event. Everybody try to walk in his shoes for a moment – wouldn’t you do the same? A Ballon D’or winner in 2007, considered World’s greatest player at the time is going through a hard time in Madrid and the last thing he needs right now is a skep full of criticism.

Fans, just imagine if this would have happened to Real Madrid’s superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Of course that he wouldn’t have been punished for his actions, unlike Ricky.

However, one thing we know is that our hero will keep on working hard and once again prove coach Mourinho wrong. Marca suggest that after the mandatory training in the morning, Kaka always returns to Valdebebas in the evening to train. The Portuguese strategist doesn’t seem to appreciate that, but Ricky believes that if he trains more the Madrid boss may change his mind.



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